a Number of popular Russian artists including Alla Pugacheva, Phillip Kirkorov and Dima Bilan, appealed for financial support to the state as individual entrepreneurs. According to the Federal tax service (FTS), some of them approved financial assistance, but some refused.

according to the newspaper “Interlocutor”, who studied the data FNS, in accordance with the announced government measures to support the business of payment of the minimum wage approved singer Alla Pugacheva, who registered as individual entrepreneurs in the field of artistic creativity. However, this part of the it application for grants are not submitted. But the support of a travel company, the share which belongs to the prima Donna, was rejected.

Her colleague in the shop Dima Bilan filed on 18 may and has already been approved for payments as adequate. In comparison with March the number of employees of the singer, not decreased. Also approved payment of Nikolai Baskov, which requested the minimum wage on 8 may. After the inspection, his SP was found to comply with the requirements.

Another singer – Grigory Leps – if you try to place the payment of the minimum wage have failed. The artist may 6, applied for assistance to the companies in which he owns shares. But in all cases he was refused for various reasons – either due to the large reduction of employees, or due to the mismatch between the firm’s criteria of a small or medium business.

the Publication also notes that if the singer Philip Kirkorov will refer to FNS for assistance, his application will be approved. But producer Joseph Prigogine refuse. Rejection awaits musician Leonid Agutin will remain, because after Mar share its IP reduced more than 10% of employees.

Earlier, some representatives of domestic show business has told about financial problems because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Among them is Iosif Prigozhin, the husband of singer Natasha Koroleva Tarzan and the Joker “full House” Elena Sparrow.

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