Cases of employees of Russian meat processing plants coronavirus unit, told “RG” the head of Executive Committee of National meat Association Sergey Yushin. According to him, unlike the American colleagues, the vast majority of Russian companies have begun to introduce enhanced security measures in early March, well before the regime of self-isolation in the country. And when the number of infected in Russia began to grow, the Russian meat producers were much more prepared than the meat processors in the United States.

“it is Clear that to fully protect staff from infection is impossible – people travel in public transport, in some regions live in the dorms. And cases some businesses have,” admits the expert. But while it is not affected neither in production volumes nor in the mode of operation of the enterprise, not on logistics or on the supply of meat products in the trading network, assures Yushin.

According to the National meat Association, the majority of meat processing companies in case of further aggravation of the situation there are plans to recruit replacement teams. But now, according to experts, it is first important to protect those employees, to replace which, because of their high qualifications and the specifics of the work simultaneously is not possible.

Many have introduced enhanced security measures in March. For example, in the group of companies “Damate” on santoprete working artificial intelligence. The facial recognition system captures the compliance by each employee of the rules of hand washing and controlled access to the workplace. “The system eliminates the possibility of contact with production employees, has not performed with all the proper routine maintenance for cleaning and disinfection”, – assure of the company.

At a recent meeting in the Ministry of agriculture the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev recognized that now in the zone of special attention are the organization of technological processes, which involve a significant concentration of people in one place – in the slaughter, processing and sorting plants. In addition to the standard measures for the prevention of disease coronavirus infection, the Ministry of agriculture encourages producers to create at the enterprises the reserves of labor resources, to restrict the movement of workers inside the plants and, if necessary, to introduce shift work schedule.