Marcelo Ferioli, a 43-year-old engineer from Marília, had the honor of participating in the Olympic Torch relay in Saint-Omer, France on July 3rd. Marcelo, who has been living in the country for 16 years, was among the four chosen individuals to carry the torch through the streets of Saint-Omer.

The streets were filled with a massive crowd as they gathered to witness the torch passing through the city for the second time. Marcelo, filled with emotion, mentioned, “When I saw all the children in the school windows in front of the cathedral, I almost cried.”

Marcelo’s journey to carrying the Olympic Torch in France began when he participated in the Youth Exchange Program sponsored by the RC Marília Alto Cafezal Rotary Club. After his exchange program in France, Marcelo pursued his degree in Engineering and eventually returned to the country where he got married and started a family.

Marcelo’s mother, Margarete Mattiuzo, expressed her pride saying, “He is a great example that exchange programs open doors and guide young people with a solid foundation for personal development.”

The Olympic Torch relay in France, leading up to the Paris Olympics, commenced in May and will continue until the start of the event on July 26th, running through August 11th. Marcelo works as an engineer at ArcelorMittal in Dunkirk, a city in the northern part of the country. ArcelorMittal, a partner of the Paris Olympics, manufactured the torch that is making its way across France, using 100% recyclable steel produced entirely in the host country.

Marcelo’s participation in the Olympic Torch relay not only showcases his personal achievements but also highlights the importance of exchange programs in shaping the lives of young individuals. His emotional reaction to the support from the crowd and the sight of children watching from the school windows demonstrates the significance of such moments in one’s life journey. It serves as a reminder that opportunities like these can have a profound impact on personal growth and development.