this is nice, but you need to have in your room stay. The police are getting more reports of violations of the coronamaatregelen, such as a party. The Experts have the fear of infection now, people will still come out due to the nice weather. “There are individuals who, by their misconduct, will ensure that the Wuhan-like this moment is approaching,” said Marc Van Ranst is on facebook.

The police noted that the rules have their day in court together. “The number of reports has increased greatly, especially on parties in people’s homes,” says Dirk Claes, chief of police of the police force Bilzen-Hoeselt-Riemst. The region of Limburg is known as the hardest hit by the virus. “The patrols come in quite a few states are against it. Parties, bbqs, nights. It is the floor with the faucet open. One of our night shift from Saturday on Sunday, at six different points in time coronaboetes have in mind.”

“ there is a lot of traffic on the road over the past couple of days, and we are getting reports that stores have to a lot of people are let in. It is so hard that the scuppers, is that we are not able to follow up with any incident in this area to occur,” says Claes VRT tv channel.

“a party, that could have been better”

“come out in and of itself is not a problem, that’s the point,” says the virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst. “But as you advance, you will have the choice as to where you’re going, and then you can choose the best of the in the direction of where people are. That is, it is not always easy to achieve, but the aim is to help each other and not against it, and the distance to them.

“The rules are not so simple, or people will interpret it in a number of ways to do this. But the parties-and that could have been better, though. I have a very hard time with it in order to understand why this is so. People may have a hard time thinking, “well, corona virus, we have been a long time nothing is heard of it”. Civic engagement seems to be a good word for it, but it’s not. You have to hold on to, that action is also a form of good manners.”

“relax, without any doubt, is difficult if people do not follow the measures to keep the verbrodt , it’s best for everyone. Everyone is together and determines that a curve, not just the government. That applies to everyone is in order to work with it. The only thing that the government can continue to do so, everyone has to vomit every time. How fun can that be?”

In a facebookpost express Van Ranst, it is still sharper: “Some people have streaks, apparently, have their feet firmly on the afstandsmaatregelen. So, there are individuals who, by their misconduct, will ensure that the Wuhan-style lock comes close! And then, you are not allowed to exercise or work.”

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“Virus is in full circulation – ”

Also, Steven Van Gucht, and the virologist is in order that each and every day with the figures of the number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths; notifying,warning of a laid-back attitude. “We have to be aware of. It is natural for people to have measures that are tired, anyone want to go out and do things,” says the virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, on the VTM News. “Today there are about 1,600 infections, that is high. The virus is still in circulation. As we are now in the tightening and the relaxation will be, we will see the effect within two weeks.” Relax, it will be more difficult to be about Van Gucht.

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