Online marathon "the Day of an archaeologist" will meet in Moscow on 15 August. It will be held from 11:00 to 19:00 GMT on the YouTube channel of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow and on the portal of culture.of the Russian Federation, reported on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

"the Day of the archaeologist does not yet have official status, but this holiday is traditionally celebrated archaeologists of our country on 15 August. This day became a true city celebration not only for specialists-archaeologists, but for all citizens interested in the history of our capital. Attention to the finds in Moscow is great: everybody is curious how our ancestors lived, what their habits, what they enjoyed in life. Thanks to the archaeologists every year we discover something new, learn a little more, and thus better understand our city," is given in the message words of the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov.

The main platform of the online marathon will be located in the Museum of archeology of Moscow branch of the Museum of Moscow Moscow Department of culture. The Studio will be located on the background of the stone foundations of the ancient Voskresensky bridge. It was discovered during archaeological excavations at the Manege square in 1995-1997.

"the Marathon will begin with a virtual tour of the city center. It will be available, as there were street names Ilinka and Varvarka, where the border of Moscow in the XVI century, and which findings were discovered on the territory of Gostiny Dvor. The guide will also show lower chapel of the Church of Elijah the Prophet at the Novgorod compound discovered during the archeological studies", – stated in the message.

Also everyone will be able to participate in master classes. One of them can produce the amulet is a bone disc with a picture of a deer. It is this artifact found in France’s Chauvet cave.

"During the virtual marathons "heritage Days – 2020" we tried a new unusual format – online-dictation. He was devoted to the Moscow of local history and has been extremely popular among users. The audience we were constantly asked if we are going to repeat it. So, on August 15th we will also offer them through a virtual dictation. This time the participants will test their knowledge in the field of archaeology", – said Emelyanov.