The owners have taken the reservation requests from all over the world, the Breweries are ready to brew, the abroad coveted meadow beer. But everything is still on Hold: so Far, not decided whether to Munich to celebrate this year, in spite of the Corona-crisis, the largest folk festival in the world. The preparations are running according to plan. Still, one hopes.

“of Course I wish I was as organizer of the Oktoberfest together with all our partners, that there must be no cancellation,” says a speaker of the Munich-based economy, and pointed to chief Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU).

“I can’t imagine the emotional nor”

A cancellation would have an economic impact, with millions of losses, but also non-material. The colorful pictures of happy partying people in costume, the beer-happy, but peaceful Coexistence of many Nations, and above all the in autumn, often a picture book Blu-ray the end of heaven – the Image of Munich and Bavaria shapes.

“I can’t imagine the emotional,” says Peter island chamber, the speaker of the innkeepers, about a possible cancellation. “The Oktoberfest is part of the normal annual rhythm. We are all looking forward to it. But we have to wait and see if it is possible.“

“at the end of may, beginning of June” to decision-making

to fall Until well into July, events are cancelled already, or postponed: the theatre performances, football matches, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Bayreuth festival, the Oberammergau Passion – and even the Olympic games. However, it is up to the Oktoberfest for a little longer: On 16. September, the tapping of the first keg, it is planned to 4. October is supposed to last the Festival. And so the responsible in delaying the decision.

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The decision should be made at the latest possible time, it said. Lord mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD), would open the Festival, spoke recently of the “no later than the end of may, beginning of June” – prior to the start of construction work on the Theresienwiese.

decision depends on the recommendation of the physician ab

fixed ladder tree gardener says: “Currently, we are looking forward to the end of the Easter holidays and then a possible assessment of whether it managed to put the brakes on the spread of the Virus. For a binding assessment, therefore, it is still too early.“

A decision will depend on what medical experts recommend, and what are the health and safety legal requirements the Federal government and the state adopt, as tree gardener. “We will be meeting in close coordination with the state, taking into account the current Situation, a responsible decision,” said recently tab.

doctor’s offices due to ordinary “meadow influenza” under pressure

Six million visitors from all over the world come annually during the two weeks on the 34-acre festival site. Up to 250,000, it may be very well-attended days – keep your distance excluded.

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to register normal times of doctor’s surgeries in and around Munich from the middle of the Oktoberfest weekend, more patients with cold-related diseases: the so-called pointed to the flu. In the Narrowness of the tents, it is close to that – deliberately or unintentionally. The pathogens have an easy game, especially since alcohol weakens the immune system.

Foreign guests come mainly from Corona Hotspots

is true, the majority of the guests from Munich and Bavaria. Most of the foreign guests came, but not the least, of all things, from the countries which are currently worst affected by the Corona-pandemic: in the U.S. and the Italians were the 2019 in addition to the Swiss, the largest group of visitors followed by the British.

For the economy would be a cancellation is a serious blow. Not only showmen, farmers and stall owners at the folk festival itself, but also Hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers and retailers benefit.

billion in revenue on the game

Alone for overnight Stays foreign guests spent approximately 505 million euros. For taxi rides, the use of public transport, meals and shopping they left another 285 million Euro. They visited beer gardens and restaurants, and shopped Lederhosen and Dirndl, Sepplhüte and Munich Souvenirs such as FC-Bayern-jerseys. Overall, the economy took, according to the city of the Oktoberfest last year around 1.23 billion euros.

Directly at the Oktoberfest, the visitors spent in 2019 of around 442 million euros For the ride with Mega-rides and historic rides, cotton candy, Lebkuchenherzl and roasted almonds. The appetite of the guests was remarkable. They consumed 124 steers, 29 calves, as well as estimated sausages, several hundred thousand, and chicken. To do this, you drank 7.3 million liters of beer.

host speaker island chamber hopes that the people can take place – perhaps as a step back into life after Overcoming the crisis. “That would be an important Signal: We want to celebrate, we want to go back out and enjoy life.”

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