Maite Perroni addresses “Soy Rebelde Tour” scandal and rumors of Anahí’s involvement in embezzlement; watch

On Monday (10), Maite Perroni spoke about the legal process of the “Soy Rebelde Tour”. She also clarified the rumors involving her relationship and the members of RBD with Anahí.

The singer was approached by a reporter from the YouTube channel “Chisme No Like” and talked about how she feels about all the controversies surrounding the embezzlement of money from the tour. “With a heavy heart, because we all feel this and at the same time it gives us a lot of sorrow that after so many years, and so many illusions… and after 20 years being able to go up on stage together, something like this happens,” she lamented. “But we must move on, organize things, and see what will happen,” she added.

She was then asked about a possible disagreement between Anahí and the rest of the band and the rumors that the blonde would be complicit in the diversion of the show’s earnings. In recent days, the local media reported that Anahí was part of the fraud system and knew that her husband, Manuel Velasco, was diverting the money raised in the shows. The alleged objective would be to help finance Velasco’s campaign, who is currently a senator but is running for the presidency of Mexico. “It is very difficult to make these kinds of accusations, I think we should respect more and really not destroy something so beautiful for what we were all our lives,” Maite said. She continued: “Unfortunately, we are in an environment where anything that is said or done, leads to another direction. It is not fair to us, to our history, what we are experiencing.” Regarding the controversy of the birthday post Anahí made for the businessman, Maite was direct: “I think everyone has the right to express and opine what they want.” Watch:

Earlier, Christian Chávez also reacted to the rumors that Anahí would have some involvement in the embezzlement of money. To journalists who approached him at an airport in Mexico, the singer denied that his friend had used the earnings to help her husband, Manuel Velasco, in his political campaign. He also emphasized that there are no hard feelings among the RBD members due to the problems involving the businessman Guillermo Rosas. Anahí also broke the silence on the speculations through her X profile, apparently reacting to Christian’s interview.

RBD Controversies
The controversies among the band members themselves began when Anahí made a post in honor of the former RBD manager, Rosas, on his birthday. After the criticism, the star justified the reason for making the post. “When a friendship and affection of so many years breaks like this, the pain is deep. My way of healing is to let go of any resentment,” she explained. However, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, and Chávez himself ignored the 41st birthday of the voice of “Sálvame”. Additionally, in March, Anahí was the only one among the five who did not attend the baptism of Maite’s daughter. Since then, there has been much speculation that the ties between them have been broken. But Christian emphasized that there is no resentment among them. “We are brothers and, like in all families, we don’t always see each other, or we see each other a lot and then we want space. It happens a lot. And as a family, we also have disagreements, but that doesn’t mean we are fighting,” he concluded.

Embezzlement of Money
Guillermo Rosas had been working with RBD since the time of the broadcast of the soap opera “Rebelde”. However, according to fans, the relationship has strained in recent years. They believe the businessman diverted approximately US$250,000 (R$1.2 million) through VIP packages that promised interaction with the band. The Mexican TV show “Chisme No Like” stated that he did not provide the invoices for the amounts, and did not pass on the money to the artists. In May of this year, through a statement, the artists revealed that the investigation found “significant irregularities” after the former band manager denied any illicit movement of the show’s money. Read the full statement by clicking here.