The Lombards began to install robotic machines that can evaluate and take from the borrower a gold product, make money for the Bank card and make the payment in repayment of the loan. In the future, the proliferation of such devices should help companies to expand business. However without human intervention, such devices can not work.That network “Mosgorlombard” beginning to install robotic machines Custody evaluation Bot for gold jewelry, told “Kommersant” in Lombard. The first machine was installed in one of the offices of the partner company — “Mosgorteplo” at the end of may and started working as purchasing identification via employee. In “Mosgorlombard” explained that the device is able to recognize the weight and fineness of the product and, based on these parameters, offer the potential borrower the amount of the assessment. “After the consent of the client for the operation and identification of the passport the amount is credited to his Bank card,” says marketing Director of the network Dmitry Meliksetyan.The main objective of the project is the rapid opening of the full mobile pawn shop buying gold in any place where “there is organic traffic of potential customers”, says Mr. Meliksetyan. According to the Director “T-mobile” (device maker) Dmitry Losevskaja, one terminal year could buy about 4 kg of gold scrap to sell 3 kg of new products (bullion or coins), as well as to create a portfolio of collateral loans for 400 thousand. “estimating Accuracy of the apparatus is higher than that of a man,” he says. However, notes that such devices will not be able to work “with hollow articles with inserts of stones, products made of semi-precious materials, since it will assume that it is not gold.” The cost of the robot is around $30 thousand, and as hope in the company, the device will pay for itself in two to three years.However, while such devices can work only as a diagnostic stand because the issuance of the loan it is necessary to identify the customer to sign a contract with him and give a paper pledge card. “In the end of 2019, the unit underwent a FINTECH sandbox, the Central Bank, and now we are waiting for the regulator to the Protocol on the “road map” for the amendments to the law”,— says Mr. Plyshevski. According to him, in the new edition of the law “On the Lombards” should be able “issuing a pledge ticket in electronic form and simplified identification procedure in which will not need the presence of a pawn shop”. The Central Bank did not respond to a request to “Kommersant” on the possible timing of these changes in legislation. But according to one of interlocutors of “Kommersant” familiar with the testing apparatus, it is still not finished and talking about the withdrawal of the bot on the market prematurely.Market participants in General positive about the idea. “Traditional pawn shops are not going anywhere, but the machines for issuing loans and buying precious metals can find their place in retail banking next to the ATMs”,— said the head of the National Association of pawnshops Alexey Lazutin. According to him, these devices can take several tens of percent of the Lombard market. According to the Chairman of the Association for the development of pawnshops Sergei Sokovnikova, with such apparatus Lombard can save up to 1.2 million rubles. per year for rent and paying employees. “The obvious disadvantages of such a bot is impossible to assess the artistic component of the product, also there is a risk of underestimation of the sample,” he notes. “For installation outside Moscow required a developed network of maintenance of the appliance,— the General Director of a network “Fianit-Lombard” Stanislav Boronin.— In addition, many customers go to the pawn shop to the specific merchandise, as the borrowers may be afraid to leave your jewelry in a metal box.” In General, according to Mr. Sokovnikova count “to full implementation of this technology earlier 2030-ies not worth it.”Svetlana Samuseva