At the end of the year the volume of sales of elite country real estate in the Metropolitan area can be 15-20% higher than last year, consider in Knight Frank. Almost three years in this segment of the market has not appeared any new project. Now the developers have 300 liquid offers, given the current pace of absorption, this number will be reduced to almost zero by the end of 2021. An even greater deficit in the market of organized rent country, these towns did not appear in the suburbs for more than seven years.

On the demand drew the attention of the developers. “For the last time to us with proposals of different formats, the partnerships addressed some of the market leaders in high-rise buildings, considering themselves seriously to business diversification, associated with access to low-rise, suburban segment”, – says Deputy Director of the company “KASKAD Estate” Olga Magiline. Doubled the number of smaller investors, who began to consider investments in projects of low-rise format. If in the last five years of experts received no more than three requests per year to analyze the feasibility and develop the concept of country of the village, only two months of isolation, they received five, said the Director of Department of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank Olga Shirokova. By 2022 the company expects to release five new big-budget rural projects annually. The benefits will have towns with “built-in” resort infrastructure.

Major developers start to enter the market with large-scale projects, if there is a high demand will persist for at least a year and a half, says the Director of the office of real estate company “Metrium Premium” Anna Radzhabova, and the preconditions for this. “In the near future, the volume of supply can be replenished not due to large-scale settlements of 300-500 houses, and at the expense of club projects on the 15, maximum 20 houses,” she says. Meanwhile, a recovery is likely only in the vicinity of large cities, says Magilin as demand grows for fear of infection, but this risk is higher where a high population density. In many regions of the country to develop construction developers prevent low-income residents, she said.