“I only wanted to prove everybody wrong,” he submitted on social networking Saturday. “As time went on baseball became a business and less of a game. I couldn’t help but notice my love and passion for this game started to diminish. Additionally, I understood that same job paid very nicely.

The right-hander was one of the vital pieces of the Angels’ bullpen within the previous three seasons, but he fought with control issues during spring training and was optioned to the team’s alternate training site.

His 115 looks from 2018-20 were on the team one of hens, and he was 8-11 with a 4.30 ERA.

Buttrey, 28, said he informed the Angels of his choice to leave baseball, along with the organization asked him to take some more time to think about doing it. He didn’t outline his next steps in his announcement.

Angels manager Joe Maddon said before Friday’s match against the Chicago White Sox he had not been in contact with Buttrey since past weekend, but he did see that the statement.

“I could hear his voice as I am reading it. He is a very considerate young man, and I understood precisely what he is referring to,” Maddon said. “If the fun is diminished, don’t do it. I totally agree with that. I think as youth, we’ve all gone through those moments about choosing things which follow your heart, as opposed to not. And so a lot of respect to what he said.

“I am wanting only the best. I’m excited about staying in touch with him being of assistance in any way I could.”