Lombardy is Riskogebiet a Corona. However, a small village in the province of Pavia is, so far, of the Virus-shaft spared. Ferrera Erbognone, 30 kilometers southwest of the University city of Pavia, has Infected to date, exactly zero. Until a few days ago, no one knew of the municipality; now, the Interview requests pile up at the mayor.

Around 1100 inhabitants Ferrera Erbognone, the from some only a few streets and a square with a Church. Despite 43.208 infection cases in Lombardy (as of Monday, 31. March), seem to the inhabitants of the small town so far to be immune to Covid19. What is the reason? dpa The Italian village of Ferrera Erbognone has Infected zero Corona.

mayor Fassina praises its citizens for strict adherence to the curfew

This question cannot be answered by the mayor, Giovanni Fassina, his occupation as coroner, in Spite of. In a television interview, he pointed out, however, the exemplary Behaviour of the inhabitants of Ferrera Erbognone. “The fact that we have zero cases, I would lead first and foremost to the fact that here, people lock strictly to the output, and the arrangement to avoid any social contact, from the beginning, have kept.” However, Fassina stressed that it is hot but that it could not provide in his place a few asymptomatic cases.

The inhabitants share your joy on your special Situation with the media in Italy as a sign of good news in bad times. “We are proud and happy about this Situation,” said the store owner Mery De Luca the German press Agency. However, the people were still scared, too, because so many other people have died around you at the Covid-19-disease.

In Ferrera Erbognone life of many Older people, to develop people with high-risk. “We were from the first day to be extremely careful,” says De Luca. Respiratory protection and gloves were worn in her Store always.

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Null Corona-Infected: the mayor wants to let blood

That, to date, no cases have been registered, may be related to the behavior of the citizens or simply coincidence. But it could also be other reasons. Whether many of you would have in the village of antibodies and immune to such speculation shot to be high. The want to find the mayor now. dpa Giovanni Fassina, mayor of Ferrera Erbognone.

Fassina initiated a study with the inhabitants, as he said the newspaper “La Repubblica”. He wanted to start the study with scientists from the Institute of Fondazione Mondino in Pavia, and the blood of the inhabitants of Ferrera Erbognone analyze.

Also for the other municipalities of Pavia, that would be an interesting project. About 1,800 cases of infection have been reported in the province, which has approximately half a Million inhabitants, so far. However, there are also 40 other small communities that have reported so far, no Corona-Infected.

in Spite of the response is overwhelming: health authorities study To stop in infection-free village

in the study, the stimulated Fassina, participate in, should put the people in a list. 1,000 participants needed for a study to be scientifically and statistically sound. The response was overwhelming. Already on the first day, 150 people, including entire families, were reported in the morning. To get started the approval of the regional management lacked only.

However, the health authorities of the Lombardy stopped the project to the “small miracles”, such as “Repubblica” reported. The institution in Pavia was not competent to make Corona studies, wrote to the regional administration as a justification.

mayor Fassina was stunned; Mondino is a nationally recognized research center. He did not understand the decision of the authorities at all. The mystery of not falling ill residents of Ferrera Erbognone thus remains unresolved – at least for the time being. Masks sew it yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide