the struggle waged by these two inhabitants of the seven rooms, “RG” wrote twice (see the “RG-Week” “How much water has flowed” from 12.02.2020) and “Brought to light” “Economy of Siberia” from 18.06.2020). The nature of their claims: the norms of water consumption, which are defined in the order of the Department for their dorms, overpriced. In the document, which was adopted in 2012, rooms in hostels sectional type was equivalent to the apartment where there are sinks and showers (the higher standard was set except for owners of apartments with baths). However Azheganov neither Vladimir nor Sergei Prokopiev, nor their neighbors in the Dorm N 3 RAS can’t take a shower in their own rooms. Shower in this dormitory located in the basement. Not in the rooms and sinks. Reasoning that the ratio of water consumption to their premises should be different, Aiaganov and Prokop’ev appealed to the court of administrative lawsuit and demanded to recognize the order of regional Department under tariffs illegal and invalid.

after filing an administrative claim, the Department formally changed the order, rearranging words, so people had to appeal inoperative version, because to pay for water for years they had in accordance with it. Novosibirsk regional court has agreed with arguments Aiaganov and Prokop and found the document illegal. To protect the rights of tenants arose, and the appellate court: the order was declared not only unlawful but also invalid from the moment of adoption. This gave tenants the right to demand the return of overpaid money.

But they went on. And appealed to the regional court with a new lawsuit to invalidate the existing order. To avoid paying more in the future. And then, as told “RG” Vladimir Azheganov, it became clear that the Department has released a new version of the order, voluntarily bringing normative document in conformity with the decisions of the two previous courts. New edition of the order valid from 30 June. From the text disappeared the division of hostels on the types: apartment, hallway, sectional. Now this is not a word. And most importantly, the new order is the norm for residents of hostels is lower than for landlords. According to the calculations of Vladimir Azheganov, it will reduce its water charges by at least 15 percent.

as a result of court proceedings in the administrative claim to the Department has ceased. However, this does not mean the end of litigation on the water. Residents concerned about the question – how to return illegal overpayment for many years? Who will pay literally for old accounts – UK or regional budget?.. In short, until the full restoration of justice will flow a lot more water.