Frauke Ludowig apparently left a lasting impression on daughter Nele with her job as a presenter. On a red carpet visit to Mallorca, her daughter reveals that now that she’s graduated from high school, she’d like to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Like mom, like daughter.

What’s better than girl power? Exactly, twice the girl power. That’s why we’re always happy when moderator Frauke Ludowig (58) appears at events together with her pretty daughter Nele Roeffen (19) – like recently at the “Remus Neon Night” in Mallorca. There, the 19-year-old talked enthusiastically about her plans for the future.

It’s not the first time that Nele has accompanied her mother on a red carpet. Because when she came of age, the high school graduate was officially allowed to decide for herself how she wanted to shape her future and earn something extra. And that’s where modeling jobs with her famous mother come in handy. After all, she not only looks incredibly similar to the “Exclusive” presenter, but also shows just as much talent in front of the camera. And when it comes to her choice of career, Nele is very much like her mother.

“Yesterday I got my high school diploma and I’m super, super happy,” says Nele in an RTL interview on Mallorca. “The day before yesterday I had my last exam. That means two huge stones fell from my heart. And now I have a lot of reason to celebrate.” Her mum certainly has, too, because her eldest daughter wants to follow in her footsteps. The school leaver reveals: “I’ve actually been accepted to study journalism in Cologne from October and I’m really looking forward to it.” “It was really important to me to have such a place at university,” continues Nele. And what does Mama Frauke say about that?

“I’m happy about that,” the 58-year-old comments on the future plans of her daughter, who comes from her long-term marriage to Kai Röffen (61). “That’s also proof that you’ve done some things right with your job.” After all, the children obviously have to have the impression that Frauke’s job is a lot of fun. At least we have that impression too! And we look forward to seeing their offspring on television in the distant future.

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