Lidl is awarding a Bonus to employees

Saturday, 28. March, 9.45 am: , the 140,000 employees of Lidl and Kaufland receive a Bonus for their busy operation in the Corona-crisis. Every employee in the store, in logistics and in the production companies get in April, a special payment of up to 250 euros, announced on Thursday the Schwarz group, including the two store chains. Overall, the retail giant, the premiums of around 35 million euros in costs. Previously Rewe had announced a bonus for its employees and the employees of the group’s own discount chain Penny.

The employees in sales, logistics and production would have done in the past few weeks, out of the ordinary, so that people in Germany are supplied every day with fresh food, said Lidl Germany boss and Matthias Oppitz and his country counterpart, Ralf Imhof. The Bonus for Lidl and Kaufland-will employees as a voucher paid to the premium to arrive, if possible, as the net-payment at the time of the employees.

Lidl sets in all stores on Plexiglas protection at terminals and disinfected shopping cart

Friday, 27. March, at 13:39: Because of the current risk of Infection with the Coronavirus uses Lidl on a uniform, Hygiene, and protective measures. Thus, the Discounter responds according to its own statement on the uncertainty in the case of Lidl staff and customers. “It is important that we keep all of the necessary sanitation and clearance rules. Our approximately 3,200 stores in Germany are always busy places with many opportunities for contact. With our concept we want to enable a simple, rapid, and responsible purchasing“, says Matthias Oppitz, Executive Chairman of Lidl Germany.

The uniform Hygiene and protection measures, the concept provides for the following measures:

  • customer managers at each store entrance
  • Regularly disinfected shopping handles
  • Plexiglas protection at all ticket offices
  • car disposable gloves for volunteers to use for the Cashier
  • eye-Catching notes and floor stickers to Hygiene – and-distance regulations on the entire sale room

distributed “So that the measures are full, we appeal to every Individual, responsibly with the Situation and considerate of each other,“ adds Oppitz. The standardized Hygiene and protective measures concept was being rolled out nationwide and, depending on the change in the situation, adapted, announced the Discount giant.

in Addition to the new Hygiene and protection measures would be controlled in North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Saarland, also the access to the branch by the account Manager. “With the limit of one customer per 10 square feet of retail space and the Inclusion of the shopping cart as a simple aid for distance compliance with Lidl is also here, officially ordered measures,” writes Lidl in a press release.

viruses hiding in the household: This Set should be cleaned more often, FOCUS Online/Wochit virus hide in the household: This is the Set you should more often

surf tip: Trouble with the authorities avoid – dm-chief Werner: only according to a formula of customers in the stores

What good is the barbecue-offers from Lidl to clean? Gas grill, electric grill and more in Check

Friday, 27. March, 10.30 am: To contain the Corona Virus to be closed in more and more provinces are also garden and DIY stores. The Discounter Lidl uses and takes from 30. March, some garden – and barbecue-offers in the outlets and the Online Shop. We have looked at the Highlight products of the “grill master”action for you. Click here to go to our conclusion.

updates to the Coronavirus, you can find here: Coronavirus outbreak in the News-Ticker

help for the Elderly: Lidl wants to support seniors in super markets more

Tuesday, 17.03.2020, 12:49 PM: supermarkets in several countries have begun to to support the in the Corona-crisis, particularly vulnerable seniors-shopping. Since Tuesday, for example, the German Discounter Lidl uses the British-Northern Ireland: the Older between 9 and 11 p.m. shall be treated preferably is, among other things, to a fast cash. Also, the Weaker should it be possible, your food and supplies, said Lidl.

The British supermarket chain Iceland offers the over 65-Year-olds in Northern Ireland is already a window of time between 8 and 9 o’clock, where only you are allowed to purchase. The offer is available in 27 branches.

Similar to the picture in Norway is: A supermarket owner in the municipality of Salangen was the First in the country, the risk offered by groups such as the Elderly, special opening Hours. Between 7 and 9 o’clock in the Morning to be fresh gewienerter only Load of these customers is reserved for a group. Municipality employees stand in front of the door and make sure no one else enters the store.

Comparable offers of help are already in Australia. Among the death victims of the pandemic, many senior citizens are particularly. Just you should avoid, therefore, be in crowds of people to endure.

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Fake news on Lidl, the round – the discounters ‘

Monday, 16.03.2020, 10:17 PM: Europe says the fight against the spread of the novel Coronavirus. In this case, surface the deck will be closing at the end of school closings imposed imposed, borders are closed and events are prohibited. Is every Day the population of new job messages for the Coronavirus, but not all, of these messages are true.

in the light of the corona crisis, the Federal government has warned about in front of the wrong messages to the alleged supermarket closures, which are primarily set on the Social media and Messenger services such as WhatsApp in the world.

rumors about opening Hours

After the Discounter Aldi has denied the circulating rumor about the revised opening Hours have already been decided, appealed and Lidl in a Facebook Post directly to its customers: “In connection with the Coronavirus propagated false reports to be spread that we would be closing our stores. Let’s not confuse you: Our branches stay open for!”

at the same time Lidl assured his customers in a further Post that you are “working day and night”, “the supply for you in our approximately 3,200 branches all over Germany ensure. We ask for your understanding, if in the short term at one or other point, not every product is available, the next delivery is usually already on the way.”

Many people in Germany are confused in the face of empty shelves and hamster purchases in super markets and drugstores. Germany’s trade is due to Coronavirus in a state of emergency.

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