62% of Russians want to introduce an age limit for the position of President of the country, follows from the results of the March survey, “Levada center,” commissioned by the “Open media”.

Citizens were asked to answer the question whether to set an age limit for the President. The largest proportion of respondents – 35% – want to ban to hold office after reaching the retirement age, 23% in favor of limiting, upon reaching 70 years, as have civil servants, and 4% chose other options. Only 31% of respondents believe that age should not be curtailed.

Pollsters also asked whether you need to improve the lives of ordinary citizens the turnover of power in the country or, on the contrary, stable and narrow circle of politicians in power. 50% of the respondents favoured the change of power, 37% – against.

As explained by Director of “Levada-center” Lev Gudkov, the survey results show the accumulation of negative and growing discontent with the current government. According to him, a year ago 54% of respondents advocated the preservation of Vladimir Putin in power after 2024. The current results of the survey suggest that the majority of citizens do not want to see the incumbent President at a later time.

the breakdown Of social and age groups of the respondents, it follows that the growing discontent of the Federal authorities in rural areas has reached the same values as in Moscow, which, according to Gudkov, always shows a rather high level of protest moods. 67% of respondents from rural areas called for the introduction of age restrictions, while in Moscow this opinion was shared by 65% of survey participants.

For the introduction of the age limit to more actively include young people aged 18-24 years (71% of respondents), and less changes want respondents older than 55 years. The second question is whether the country CMEhaemost authorities for improving the standard of life of citizens is in fact split the provided category of the population, it follows from the graphs of “Levada-center”.

Constant stability want 42% of the rich respondents for the turnover at 49%. Poorer – mainly for change. “These figures say that the situation now is unstable, the balance fluctuates and changes. Especially if the crisis is delayed and the economy will be not just in a recession, and in the fall, which is very likely,” Gudkov concluded.

March 26, “Levada-center” conducted the survey for the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin in the course of which opinions were split almost evenly with 48 percent of respondents approve of the nullification of the time, 47% oppose. Zeroing criticized primarily young educated people and the Muscovites, while the poor periphery in the majority supported the amendment Valentina Tereshkova. However, according to experts, the opposition is not able to create a consolidated public motion and vote against the amendments to the Constitution.

Lev Gudkov Previously reported that the decline in the rating of the incumbent President is a long time and is stable, but individual performances such recent address to the Parliament have only a short-term effect. According to the sociologist, this constant decline is due to persistent irritation of the Russians and fatigue from President Putin.

“the Fall began long ago, and it’s not even the effect of the pension reform of 2018: it’s going slowly and gradually, and is more indicative of the trend than the sharp jump rating. Growing dissatisfaction with the state of Affairs in the economy, inability to earn a proper living,” explained Gudkov.