If you use the dry language of statistics, the figures of the party for the last 8 years look perfect – the lists of “United Russia” has got the majority in the campaigns for the regional and municipal level. And in the elections to the State Duma in 2016, the list of United Russia, led by Medvedev, received 54.2 per cent of the votes and 203 United Russia were elected in single-member districts.

As they say in football is the score. Of course, in the election, as in football, the result is the outcome of teamwork. In this sense, on the basis of the Charter of the EP, the role of Chairman of the party combines the functions of the head of the coaching staff and team captain in the most critical games.

Much has been said about the fact that the EP in order to keep the lead and win the election in 2021, should answer the most important queries: it’s about to propose and coordinate with the citizens of the new social contract and to ensure the implementation of anti-crisis measures. Moreover, with the following convocation of the state Duma receives additional leverage over the Executive branch. As far as the party is ready to work, clearly shown by the events of recent months.

I Think it would be correct to say that “United Russia” in the current difficult conditions, I chose the best way to respond to the public request for solidarity, supporting those who need assistance and joint action with those who are fighting with the virus. The party has not gone into “self-isolation”, it has become a platform on which there were tens of thousands of volunteers, where he accepted a package of laws, aimed at supporting different areas of the country. It is the “United Russia” has collected more than 400 million rubles, which were aimed at support projects, medical institutions passed dozens of cars, thousands of computers for remote teaching, and more demand in the fight against the virus. Before the conference, held in the summer of last year Dmitry Medvedev in his programmatic article, “EP – course for change,” he wrote, that United Russia “needs to help today, not tomorrow, to be useful where our participation is needed, not where we are accustomed and comfortable.” Party institutions in the centre and in the field could, in my opinion, to find those forms of work that have been real friends with people from risk groups, support of doctors, the organization of remote training and much more. The party was able to answer the query of “sincerity” and “ownership”.

in addition, the realities of life pushed the “United Russia” to ensure that the role of aggregator services social orientation was implemented quickly, without delay, with wheels. It is important that now, when many treatments are moved to the online format, the “United Russia” – the only parties that use when nominating candidates for elections, etcocedure the preliminary voting, – have not abandoned the campaign. The fate of the candidates of United Russia in this year will be remotely solve almost 700 thousand registered electors. This is an important experience at the basis of the party will have to design the upcoming election campaign. In fact, now created and piloted a new, urgent call, communication model party on a digital platform.

the Party is changing, politics is more and more new, interesting and “non-career” opinion leaders, people from the real economy and social sphere, who know about problems and have a clear idea of how to solve them.

In theory, about “black swans” is the concept of “anthropoly”, which means not toughness, which often leads to sluggishness and scrapping, and the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to the situation. Only those structures which possess these qualities and characteristics able to effectively confront crises and unexpected challenges.

In the same article, Dmitry Medvedev named the key elements of a successful electoral strategy of the party in the elections of 21 years: support of civil initiatives, digitalisation and servicest, a new communication model. Then many skeptics talked about the ritualistic nature of the words and the impracticability of these tasks. However, the participants in expert panels, organized RAPK, polls and Club regions on the problems of party system of Russia on 21 may, admitted that almost a year before the elections to the State Duma 8th convocation of all the parliamentary parties, only United Russia has managed to adapt to the crisis and in rapidly changing conditions, to build effective work with citizens and be adequate to the public needs.