a Major Russian company of the most affected by the pandemic coronavirus industries received in April 2020, the deferral of taxes on 750 million roubles. It is reported by RBC, citing data from the Federal tax service (FTS).

Total from large businesses last month, has received more than 800 applications. The amount of the requested delay was not disclosed.

the FTS stressed that the new tool I started to work, but because the business has “plenty of time” to use it. The increase in the number of applications for delays expected in may, since due declared period, the deadline for submission of declarations was moved to this month, RBC.

Interviewed by the Agency experts note that the amount of deferred 750 million rubles is insignificant.

In his opinion, postponement of taxes until asked by a few companies, because in April came the filing period for the first quarter and negative events began in the second quarter. For this reason, the bulk of applications for delay will be submitted in July, said the expert.

Orlov also pointed out that due limited list of affected industries is large enough amount of the economy was cut off from state support. In addition, many companies may refuse the submission of applications due “quite severe rules.”

“the Company needs to delay, to fall into the category of offenders, and only after that, may get a reprieve. For businesses the risk to descend to the penalties and interest prevails over a non-trivial task to obtain a reprieve. Therefore, large companies, especially conservative, not at the risk of arrears and not apply for a deferral,” — said the expert.

the Russian government approved the list of the most affected by the coronavirus industries on 6 April. The list then included aviation and transportation, entertainment sector, physical education and sport, tourism, catering, further education, organizers of conferences, electronics repair, dry cleaning and beauty salons.

Later, the government expanded the list by adding the category of “Activities in the field of health”, where was included a dental clinic.

Representatives of small and average business of included in the list of industries will be able to count on your credit vacation and deferred lease payments. In addition, the Federal tax service promised temporarily not to apply for the bankruptcy of such firms.