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An elderly couple from the Us. ” was Wednesday night, suddenly face to face with three intruders, armed with a knife. The 70-year-old resident was able, however, to resist the knife, the way mash, after which the three intruders, the peloton chose to use. One minor accused was arrested.

It was around 21: 30 that a pair of 68’s and 70’s watching tv, when the door was rung. The 70-year-old resident opened the door, but the door was all the way opengeduwd. The man was standing in the hallway face to face with three armed suspects, who gave him a knife, and threatened.

The man managed to get out the door to the living room to do it. The suspects threatened the residents and demanded money. The seventies was a knife in the hands of a single, suspect pitching, and kept calling out that they are out of money. Eventually, the suspects will run away. The men got slightly wounded.

“The police immediately organised a search with the help of the dog and the police helicopter,” says the Antwerp public prosecutor, in a press release. “During the operation, a minor, defendant was arrested. He will be used by the public prosecutor’s office are brought before the juvenile court judge.”

The lab was doing on the spot of the crime scene. “The research carried out by the police Berlaar-Nijlen will be intensively continued,” according to the public prosecutor’s office.