Two weeks after the banks, and the federal government, an agreement in principle was also reached on support measures for those coronacrisis is made to know a lot of companies still don’t, or they have a short-term credit with a government guarantee or not. There is still a lack of clarity about the terms and conditions, write down The Time of the week.

Finance Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), a Belgian bankenkoepel, Febelfin and the National Bank announced earlier in march with their “bazooka” as a guarantee of the € 50 billion of which companies are likely to succumb to the coronacrisis, the banks will be able to ask for a new one overbruggingskredieten and lines of credit, which is largely due to the government are guaranteed. That project will be in addition to any other actions, that companies and hypotheeknemers have the ability, subject to certain conditions, to six months in betaaluitstel to ask for their business or woonkrediet.

the betaalpauze came in last week for sake of clarity, however, the support plan is not available yet. The banks are getting yet, many of the questions from the business, but the records do not start for as long as the criteria are not in place. Febelfin is also hoped that this clarity will come.

Also, on the Flemish state aid, it is not entirely clear, according to The times, but that would be the end of this week, however, in the case it should have been.

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