“it is astounding the level of arrogance of the initiator of the bill Senator Ted Cruz, who called the pipeline “a critical threat to U.S. national security – quoted Kosachev RIA Novosti. – Where the Baltic and where the United States? And here the national security of the United States?”

the Russian Senator suggested that his American colleague understands this exclusively to the “commercial interests of the United States”.

Actually, therefore, believes Kosachev, sanctions threats as the old, illegal and cynical.

the Politician suggested, what would be the reaction of Moscow, if the bill will be passed in the Senate. According to him, Russia will continue “to act according to our plans agreed with partners in Germany and other countries-EU members participating in the project”.

it is Curious that on the eve of the information appeared about the change of the owner of the vessel “Akademik Chersky” capable to build “Nord stream-2”. Now US sanctions, even if tightening at the completion of the Russian pipeline “Academician Cherskiy” should not affect Gazprom, as the owner of the “Nord stream-2” and the exporting of Russian gas pipeline.

Previously, the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” failed to complete because of U.S. sanctions. Under the American restrictions were sea vessels engaged in pipe-laying at depths greater than 30 meters. After the imposition of sanctions Washington has demanded that European contractors to immediately stop construction.

help “RG”

“and the stream-2” includes two threads of a gas pipeline from Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Its total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The pipeline passes through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. To date laid over 2,300 km of pipes, i.e. 94% of the total length of the pipeline.