When it comes to General automation and robotics, a lot of people say, “no, it will not.” And this is a normal reaction, because such changes do not occur overnight. It takes some time. Tomorrow you go to the store, and there is no cashier, all automated? It does not happen, changes are imperceptible. There is a good example – taxi. In big cities such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk – many have not noticed the fundamental changes in the service. Ten years ago, to call a taxi, you had to call at least one hour, to rent a car – it is unknown what will come, and the driver still calls the sum of 1.5 times more than the Manager. Rude, smokes, acts like a master of life. And you realize that nothing can not do, because there is no choice, and the service is needed.

When they began to talk about the automation of taxi, many believed that this will never happen. Change in this area has occurred not in one day. But now comes a driver who offers you to choose the route, asked to put it wondered do you interfere with music, etc. When this service is much cheaper than before.

With the professions – the same story. What seemed impossible is happening. Crisis and quarantine showed that people are the weakest link. We get sick, sometimes bad doing our job, capricious, declare a strike and do many other things that business dramatically inconvenient. So first of all go to the profession that can be automated. These are the same drivers, which will replace the drones, cashiers, salesmen, couriers, packers. If to speak about experts more than what is called intellectual is accountants, lawyers, economists.

it is important to make a reservation. Often you can hear that in our country will never replace accountants, because we have a complicated tax system, too often there are changes and deal with it can only “live” employee. Yes, of course, a competent accountant, a sensible lawyer, economist-expert will not be replaced. But “experts” sample “sitting and doing transactions,” automation replaces easily. Similarly, it will replace sellers, specialists call centers. And again – not by those who personally are many and sell well, and mass level. Each of us are faced with endless calls of banks, insurance companies, Internet-shops – they will all be replaced by robots.

the Pandemic showed that the time of professionals. For professional thieves, nothing will change, even if it works in the profession that is subject to automation. In the same accounts will be a task that requires serious mental work.

at the same time automation creates a demand for new skills – you will need a large number of it-Spaexperts, methodologists, project managers that automation will lead. It is important not only to write code, but to lay the right method – time to do transactions, if we are talking about accountants, to make calls to customers, etc. Such professionals will be in high demand.

the Pandemic has exposed another problem that online education does not work. Parents suffer, children do not learn, and it’s not their problem. Child is ready to spend in your phone or computer an infinite number of times – that no parent will not argue. Another question – if in front of him off the screen will still harp teacher, nothing will happen. The child will think about his. We have online education was absolutely not ready for change. No internal good practices, no understanding of how to make the learning process online interesting. The teacher could give the child a knowledge and value, and thus was able to disable in-app Zoom a chat where kids throw each other offensive stickers. All of this requires completely different approaches than now.

Online education is just one of the industries that will be very hard to grow and change. In addition, all over the world now a lot of money pouring into the Pharma and medical equipment. And these investments will only increase: all understand that viruses and epidemics around us. New point of breakthrough will be in medicine, countries will compete in the search for an effective treatment.

Another industry which will be very rusty, – everything connected with agriculture. Countries realized that international openness, integration is good, but in terms of disasters they are vulnerable. Collapsing the supply chain of products, raw materials and necessary goods. Food security will be a high priority.

to Develop will be all forms of security ranging from the physical: when the country closed the borders, we saw how the refugees tried to cross them. For the protection of the borders will increasingly use drones and other it technologies. Also will develop new weapons with minimal human presence. And, of course, cyber security, because the more a person goes online, the more cyber risks grow.

As for this new future to prepare now? Almost all now make the same mistake: he saw that there is a demand for programmers, digital marketers and ran over there. Regardless of age, and most importantly, level of education, their interest and other factors. I hate this HYIP because a huge number of training courses sold on this. “Learn any programming language, and after three months you will become a successful professional with a salary of 150 thousand rubles. No, my dear, will not. First, three months of language p��programming not normally learn. And secondly, in the form in which you learn, no one will need you. Will demand even less than it is now in my profession.

Even in the most successful industries there are companies that can not cope with financial crisis, due to large debts, poor management and other factors. The main thing you need to understand now – the pump should not with your weak skill (something you have) and strong (which you are already stronger than others). For example, you are a very good accountant, then there is no need to go to programmers, and you need to master automation of accounting, to examine IFRS, etc. And then find the scope of their new skills. No need to compete with professionals for new markets, to reset your experience is bad. Even if your profession is dying, for example, the seller – go to online sales. Or from the seller complete their in store managers.

Not to worry can of the it industry, agriculture – even if the company goes bankrupt, within the industry people move on to a new job very quickly, without any loss of income or position. But really to pump the skills now necessary for all. Development opportunities are always available.