A mass brawl occurred at a district league game in Essen on Sunday. Knives are said to have been used and a cartridge case was also found. According to the police, there are indications of clan connections. Now there have been two arrests.

After a mass brawl on the sidelines of a district football league game in Essen on Sunday, the police arrested two suspects. The Essen public prosecutor’s office and police said there were two people from Essen. Two apartments had previously been searched with the support of special forces.

According to police, around 60 people took part in the mass brawl. Knives are said to have been used and shots fired. According to the police, a cartridge case was found afterwards on Sunday.

According to a statement on Monday, the police interviewed numerous witnesses during the night and evaluated videos. The suspicion against two Essen residents was confirmed. The police are continuing to look for witnesses and videos, which can also be transferred via a tip portal.

The police announced on Sunday that the background to the fight was being investigated. There are also references to “clan connections”.

The “WAZ” reported on Monday, referring to an internal police situation report, that the cartridge case found belonged to a sharp weapon and that a dispute between two large families may have been the background to the dispute. The police initially did not provide any information about this.

On Sunday, the police received numerous emergency calls starting at 3:55 p.m. When the officers arrived, there were 150 to 200 people on the sports field, including those who had probably been involved in the previous fight, according to the spokesman.