The main uncertainty relates to three-four names in the already existing squad and one runner outside of the national team.

Two have been told that they can break out

The two who is worst an with respect to the landslagsplass is the world cup bronze winner, Mari Eide and Kari Ear Fun. Coach Geir Change Roe says the duo are “certainly is appropriate for the national team next year”. He admits that they do not have shown what they are good for this winter.

But it is clear that results count much when we’re putting together new teams. They have been told that there is no guarantee they are on the team next year.

– It depends on how many slots there are and the composition of the team. But it is the two which have received the message.

TOUGH DECISIONS: For the coach Who Change the Roe, here pictured during this year’s season.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Eide, has not been in the final, neither in national or international competitions this season. Her best placement is syvendeplass under the national opening in Beitostølen in november.

On Tuesday noted also Ear Race for his best finish this season when she was number 12 on the ten kilometre classic. Since then, she has been far away from the world.

Jane Eyr Race says straight out that she knows landslagsplassen is in danger. She tells us that her hope is that Skiforbundet save a lot of money to drop a number of collections before the fall and therefore takes her. She also hope that the national leadership’s see what she managed in good races last season.

– It is the I can rescue me, but I know that I lie thin an, ” says Race, who adds that she has not felt spike one only flows in the all the years because she let a training last summer and fall.

HAVE WORN: Kari Ear Fun, here during this year’s Tour de Ski.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

It is not Owned and Slinds the benefit that the economy is in the Norwegian ski federation is strained. Already, it is notified that the elitelagene must be cut substantially from what it has been. Samlingsopplegget the same. It means that damelagets 12 athletes to be reduced.

Rowan says that both he and trenerkollega Ole Morten Iversen still going to fight for that there are many ladies in Norway Skiforbunds system on the elite and recruit. No fewer than ten on the elite team. He believes that it is essential to increase an already criticized the width behind the very biggest stars.

– It is good in the top of the damesiden, but it is thin behind the very best. Good sporting offer is essential to raise the level of the second best.

READY FOR the NEW SEASON: For the coach Who Change the Roe, here during a training along with Ingvild Flugstad Østberg and Therese Johaug during this year’s Ski Tour 2020 in Östersund.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / Terje Pedersen More selvskrevne

Ragnhild Haga, Therese Johaug, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, Heidi Weng and Maiken Caspersen Falla is damelandslagets largest profiles and selvskrevne in a national team.

Roe goes too far in promising space to the Ane Appelkvist Stenseth, Anna Svendsen, as well as the twins Lotta and Tiril Udnes Weng. When the count damelandslaget at least nine performers.

cross-country Skiing is a priority in front of the wheel

The two wild cards in landslagstrenernes “puzzle” is Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen and Helene Marie Fossesholm.

When it comes to Fossesholm is Rowan aware that juniorlandslaget not the most ideal arena for her. The big question is in his eyes about 18-year-old to be a part of the recruit – or elitesatsingen.

and with that she is a junior, it is not obvious that stortalentet shall be on the elite team, ” says general manager, who further explains that the assessment is taken with Fossesholm herself, her family and several of the Norwegian ski federation.

STORTALENT: Helene Marie Fossesholm cheer for the gold in the 15 km free technique in Germany this winter.

Photo: the Norwegian ski federation / NTB scanpix

Fossesholm is also a very promising mountain biker. She has in a long time, been aware that she didn’t want to choose sports. On the question whether the bike is any obstacle, answer the Roe as follows:

– No, it is not a hinder, it. We must see which team it ends up with. It ends with the elite, so it’s probably something weakening of the sykkelsatsingen.

Rowan believes, for example, it is perfectly fine to use the bike in treningshverdagen and that Fossesholm can participate in some sykkelkonkurranser.

– However, one should be on a elitelandslag in cross-country skiing, so is the first priority. There are fewer sykkelkonkurranser. Especially if it obviously collides with samlingsopplegg for cross-country skiing, ” says the general.

CONTINUE OR GIVE UP? Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, tremila in Holmenkollen in march of this year.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scan Jacobsen in she without time limit

Uhrenholdt Jacobsen has announced that she will take the time to help until she lands on a conclusion if she should continue at the top level.

33-year-old from Heming studying medicine and are unsure whether it is possible to combine it with elite sport into the world cup season.

– Everything is possible. She is in the she. It may happen that she gives herself, she is moving forward, or we find a solution that in the last year. She has not received a deadlines. It comes when she is ready to say anything about it, ” says Geir Change the Roe.

by the end of april we get the answer to who is a part of the national team into the world cup season 2020/2021.