Rizzo stated that their “happy place” was when they were eating together

Bob Saget is being remembered by his widow one month after he died.

The comedian passed away at 65 in Florida. He was discovered in his hotel room.

Kelly Rizzo, the widow of “Full House” actor, posted a video on Instagram Wednesday that featured clips of her and her husband enjoying quality time over food and drinks.

Rizzo started in with the caption. Bob truly lived his life to the fullest.
She recounted how the comedian faced “so many difficulties” in his life but kept a positive attitude. He often told her that life was hard and that he needed to enjoy it as much possible.
She continued, “And one of our best ways to do that together was sharing amazing food from around the globe.” We were always in our happy place when we were together at restaurants, hotel bars, or our own kitchens, where I would make a new dish for him.
Rizzo said that Rizzo was not shy about ordering and would tell you to order everything. He also wanted you to enjoy every bite. He found joy in simple pleasures like this.
She concluded, “I can’t even express how much this will be missed.”
Saget’s death shocked many. He had performed a comedy act in Jacksonville on Jan. 8, and posted about it on social media hours before his body was discovered.
Rizzo took to social media to post photos and memories of the late actor since his death. Saget was also honored by Rizzo performing a stand-up routine at Hollywood’s famed Comedy Store.