Kazakhstan has punished doctors, later revealed COVID-19 the patient, who eventually died

Protivoepidemicheskie measures in Akmola region, March 27, 2020 Protivoepidemicheskie measures in Akmola region, March 27, 2020
Official information portal of the akimat of Akmola region

a Disciplinary sanction imposed on chief physician of the ambulance service and the head of health Department of Akmola region of Kazakhstan due to late diagnosis COVID-19 at the dead woman, informs “Interfax” with reference to the Minister of health of the country Elzhan Birtanov.

As Birtanov said at a briefing on Monday, Nur-Sultan, on the death of a patient, the provincial Department of health conducted an internal investigation. It showed that doctors underestimated “the risks of a possible coronavirus infection” in a patient, arguing that women have the common cold, and not become her to be hospitalized when the patient first called for help, said the Minister.

“was Not appropriate clarification relatives, the result is a situation where we have a late admission and, in fact, very rapid deterioration, which ended with a lethal outcome”, – the Minister noted. In addition, according to him, is also “the fact of the error in the results of the test”.

“Since that day was a very large burden on the lab, causing the result left a little earlier, than the final result. However, the results came, when the patient died, but (it. – Approx. “Interfax”) did not affect the outcome. But, nevertheless, this caused a fair criticism on the part of relatives and medical workers”, – he noted.

According to the Minister, authorities “carefully conducted analysis of this situation wasand taken additional measures to ensure stable operation of the lab.” “I am confident that we will make every effort so that such incidents do not recur. All the necessary administrative and disciplinary measures in this regard taken,” he concluded.

As reported, on March 26 in Kazakhstan was registered the first death from coronavirus. Dead 64-year-old resident of Akmola region.

according to doctors, the woman was hospitalized March 25 in the early morning in serious condition. According to Ministry of health, cause of death – total bilateral pneumonia, respiratory failure, sepsis on a background of diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. The cause of pneumonia – coronavirus.

At the moment the infection is contracted 302 people. Eight of them are in serious condition, and four in intensive care on a ventilator. Among infected there are two children under the age of 14. 244 people have the disease is asymptomatic or mild, RIA “Novosti” with reference to Elzhan Birtanov.

on March 16, the country has a regime of emergency. Nur-Sultan and Almaty from March 19, has been quarantined. From 30 March to quarantine closed six more cities: Atyrau, Karaganda, Temirtau, Saran, Shakhtinsk and Abai. Some areas also impose restrictive quarantine measures.

In Karaganda, for example, the authorities locked the entrance of the house N106/1 on the street yermekova, forbidding residents to maintain contact with the outside world. This is due to the suspicion that one of the residents infected with the coronavirus.

Authorities carried out disinfection of apartments and entrance. The police posted a guard. Inside the entrance set the sealed plastic container for waste collection. A food truck tenants must apply. “Contact with the courier excluded, the orders will give police officers”, – informs the regional administration. To return to normal life residents will be allowed after 14 days.