The money seems to be really scarce. Therefore, Johnny Depp (56) had to part now of an estate to which he has innumerable beautiful memories: his mother’s Farm in Kentucky, USA.

The Star had bought the 16-acre property near Lexington in 1995 for 950’000 dollars and there horses are bred. In 2001, he sold the Farm to acquire them in 2005. The Hollywood Star gave the estate to his mother, Sue Palmer, who lived there until her death in 2016. Depp is said to have converted “Betty Sue’s family farm”, as the Villa was called, and then to a Shrine for his dead mom. Say, he left everything as they had left it.

Until he sold the Farm now for 1.35 million dollars – an estimated $ 1 Million under market value.

Depp moved Manager in court

reports that Depp was broke, accumulated in the last few years. The actor sued in January 2017, his Manager of 25 million dollars, because he believed that they had neglected his assets. Accordingly, the Ex-husband of Amber Heard (32) said that his Ex-financial adviser would have given his money without being asked and his taxes late, paid.

The opponents of the actor filed a counter-claim and said according to “Daily Mail” before the court, that “Depp would want to willingly live in debt”. So it was said, that the father of two children, about 30’000 Swiss francs to spend on a monthly basis for wine. In a bizarre Interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Depp, however, made it clear: “This is a joke … It was much more.” The parties agreed out of court. (bang/klm)