Do you want to lose weight but don’t want to exercise or go on a diet? No problem: With the Japanese method, you can lose weight just by breathing. Read here which trick helps you lose weight.

Miki Ryosuke is not only a film star in Japan, but also gives tips on health and fitness – and he actually has a pretty simple trick that is supposed to make losing weight easier.

Because the actor suffered from back pain, he started doing regular exercises to combat it. These consist of breathing techniques, weight shifting and muscle tension.

Ryosuke initially used the breathing technique to get rid of his back pain. It was recommended to him by a doctor. However, he quickly noticed that by breathing regularly using the “long breath method” he also lost weight.

But can you really lose weight by breathing? We’ll explain.

In total, he lost 13 kilos after 50 days. His waist circumference decreased by 12 centimeters and his body fat percentage dropped from 25 to 6.6 percent – allegedly just by breathing.

But that’s not all: the actor also claims that his hair has become fuller, his skin is brighter and his overall appearance is younger.

A breathing technique as a fitness and anti-aging miracle sounds almost too good to be true.

It is not new that breathing can affect our emotions and psyche. Many studies have already looked into the phenomenon and found that shallow and rapid breathing leads to increased stress. Blood pressure rises and it can lead to difficulty concentrating and fatigue.

In contrast, breathing exercises with deep and regular breaths can provide relaxation.

Whether the “long breath method” really works has not been proven.

If you want to lose weight in the long term, breathing techniques alone will not get you very far. Breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress and relax, which can also contribute to weight loss success.

In addition, the body is supplied with sufficient oxygen, which is good for the brain and body. However, if you seriously want to lose weight, you cannot avoid healthy eating and exercise.

Warning: The forceful breathing can cause dizziness in some people. If you try this method, it is best to approach it slowly.

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