According to Ministry of health Italy vaccine COVID-19 will be distributed free, first it will be people who are at risk. The cost of one dose will amount to €2.5 million.

Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, which became part established to develop vaccines against coronavirus infection COVID-19 Alliance (Inclusive Vaccine Alliance, IVA), the company will pay AstraZeneca for the production of 300 million doses of the €750 million reported by the Agency Reuters with reference to the representative of the Ministry of health of Italy.

While in Italy, said the representative of the Ministry, will pay for 75 million doses of vaccine to €185 million, which is about €2,47 per dose.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of Italy announced that the vaccine COVID-19 will be distributed free, first it will be people who are at risk.

“the Vaccine — the only way a final solution to the problem COVID-19. For me it will always be a global public good, a right for all, not privilege for the few,” — said the Minister of health of Italy, Roberto Speranza.

the signing parties to the IVA contract with AstraZeneca, under which the vaccine can be provided to buyers by the end of 2020, it was announced June 13. However, if the amount of the contract were not disclosed.

“the Vaccine will be purchased at cost, but the exact price payable for a potential vaccine, not disclosed due bargaining power of Alliance”, — said on Saturday the government of the Netherlands. This position is due to the fact that until the last stage of vaccine development, it is likely that she will not be sent into mass production.

the report AstraZeneca has noted that the production costs of the vaccine will be covered by the governments included in the IVA countries.

In AstraZeneca also said that AZD1222 tested with up to 320 people and during the tests it was proved that the vaccine is well tolerated by patients, although a possible short-term side effects such as fever, headache, aching limbs or symptoms of SARS.

In Russia mass vaccination from COVID-19 can start this fall, said in early June Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. Later, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the industrial production of vaccines against coronavirus is scheduled to begin in September.

In recent days, Russia has been revealed 8246 new cases COVID-19, died of illness 143.