Italian authorities do not predict the opening of borders until the end of the year

Minister of culture and tourism of Italy Dario Franceschini believes that this year Italy will not be international tourism. He said that the borders will be open depending on the situation in other countries.

“Will depend on the epidemiological situation and policies of each individual state. International tourism this year will not, so a plan was “traveling in Italy”, which involves investment in domestic tourism,” Franceschini said in an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica (quoted by TASS).

According to the Minister, cultural sites in Italy will open in may. Among them are the Colosseum and Pompeii. He said he will open only those sites, which can provide safety measures.

All the museums, exhibitions and cultural institutions in Italy are closed from the 8th of March. The phasing out of restrictions is expected on may 4.

In Italy was almost 193 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. From COVID-19 died about 26 thousand people. The number of people infected, the country is in third place, and the number of deaths on the second.