Isolated themselves in Gatchina saw a rare Arctic bird

isolated themselves In Gatchina saw a rare Arctic bird isolated themselves In Gatchina saw a rare Arctic bird
Photo: Pavel Glazkov / Vkontakte

In Leningrad oblast flew polar gull-burgomaster, which for 100 years in the region have met several times, reports “Interfax”.

the Agency reported author and presenter of the channel about animals “pair of Every creature,” biologist Pavel Glazkov.

“In the Gatchina district found a very rare bird – the mayor, or a large Arctic gull. For our region it is a very rare passage species,” wrote the scientist, “Vkontakte”, adding that it is unclear what impels these birds to perform such single flights to our region.

According to ornithologist Vladimir the Brave, the first time the mayor has noticed in the region in 1880. Since then, the bird on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region saw four more times.

the Mayor is one of the largest gulls in the length is 65 cm, its weight is 1.5-2 kg. They live on the Arctic coasts of North America and Eurasia, wintering in the coastal part of the Atlantic ocean and the Barents sea, while inland glaucous gulls almost did not fly.

last week in the Leningrad region saw a pink Pelican, listed in the Red book of Russia. This bird lives in the Crimea, the black sea and the Volga Delta. Local ornithologists have seen the species three times: in 1881, near Oranienbaum, in 1928, on lake Ladoga and in 2020 – at Gatchina.