Now a lot of Belgians are forced to work from home and hardly go out, condition of the car for days and days, maybe even weeks of silence. Gone are the traffic jams. Is this good for the environment and for your wallet. But it is very good for your car?

to and from work, driving to the sports club, or a restaurant, which at the beginning of this month, so of course it was, all of a sudden don’t any more. The coronacrisis, our mobility will be drastically reduced. Up to april 19, the vehicle is almost excluded for those who have a professional work without it.

“If you’re in the car and not used on a daily basis, it is recommended that, to him at least once a week to use it”, advises van der Drift, car, expert from the Netherlands reliable traffic management DUBAI. “We’ll need all the grocery shopping and a trip of a quarter of an hour to go, and a quarter of an hour back is all it takes.”

in The current thuiswerkperiode of three weeks, and comparing it with the summer holidays, in short, enough to return to your sunny destination without a car to start with. Otherwise, if the coronamaatregelen by the government for three more weeks (or even longer) is to be extended. In this case, there may be problems with the battery, the tires, the brakes, and the fuel in the fuel tank, and it is one of the ANWB’s worthwhile to carry out preventive work.

to Read well, According to evolutiebioloog will be the gulf of kindness does not take a long time: “at the very Most, a month. Then we are back to our old self,” Battery

“if your car for more than three weeks of silence, the battery which exhausted can become”, explained Van der Drift out. “A silent, appliances: sleeping components that are battery powered to keep it, otherwise they don’t work any more. Even the simplest form of the clock in the car has been out for a little power. Assume that this is the case is that we may have a month and a half, or longer, will not be able to drive it, then it could be a accuprobleem can be created.”

according to Van der Drift is easy to do something about it. “In theory, you could have the battery out of the car and be able to make it, but with so much electronics on board, you will lose this in one fell swoop, a lot of the settings, and that it is not a smart move for a modern car. A better idea is to have a trickle charger on the battery to hang up. Then, the battery will just get in the car and he was very slow to charge.”

In the case of electric cars, is not like that. “The battery pack of an electric car, you can’t compare it to the battery of a normal car. In such battery pack, there is not a lot of power if it is a long time to a standstill. And beyond that, electric cars can communicate via an app that you are using your phone, you can see how much range is left in the car. In this case, you should get the app to temporarily turn it off: it is in the power of the car.”


the links could be a little more care to use, as it is really a long-term project will be. By standing in the same place in order to allow the lower portion is flattened to touch, which in turn leads to the so-called ‘square tires’. The ADAC recommends for tire pressure to increase: apply 0.5 bar more pressure in the tyre is required for your vehicle. This causes the tire to slightly less, by one point, and you can avoid that with a flat surface is formed.