The ING submitted, the market followed suit: seven banks are already offering one percent and more per annum for daily money. Now Renault Bank is also improving its conditions – for overnight money and fixed-term deposits.

In the case of overnight money, the interest rates for new Renault Bank customers will rise directly from 0.75 to 1.05 percent per annum. The offer includes a three-month interest rate guarantee and applies to an investment volume of up to EUR 250,000. This should be particularly interesting for customers who still have to shell out penalty interest at their house bank. From 250,000 euros there is then only 0.4 percent interest. For existing customers who have taken out a contract without an interest rate guarantee, the interest for sums up to 250,000 euros will rise from 0.6 to 0.7 percent. In addition, 0.4 percent applies here from 250,000 euros, previously it was only 0.2 percent.

With these interest rates, the Renault Bank does not quite make it into the top three in the FOCUS online overnight money comparison, but thanks to the financially sound French deposit insurance and interest on up to 250.00 euros in credit, the offer is very attractive compared to the competition. Many competitors only offer such high overnight interest rates up to a sum of 100,000 euros.

Renault Bank is also increasing its interest rates when it comes to fixed-term deposits, thus securing a good place in the FOCUS online fixed-term deposit comparison. Here, too, a main argument is the strong French deposit insurance.

The new conditions are

You can also find these offers in the FOCUS online fixed deposit comparison. The best-interest fixed-term deposit offer from a German bank currently comes directly from pbb at 1.75 percent for one year. SWK Bank offers 2.38 percent per year for a two-year term with German deposit insurance.

Even if the rising interest rates offer many savers a welcome change, interest rate investors still have to reckon with real losses in the foreseeable future in view of the high inflation. If you want to counteract this, you should not only rely on overnight and fixed-term deposits, but also ideally conclude an ETF savings plan. You can find the best providers for this in the following link:

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