Currently, the interest rates on the rise again, as the comparison portal Check24 said on Thursday. The best rate of interest one-year fixed Deposit offer, therefore, currently 1.2 percent interest per year. With the best-interest money, including six months of interest guarantee provided to consumers, therefore, currently 0.6 per cent, interest.

the reason is, therefore, that the banks in the crisis on the deposits of individual savers. “For some European banks, it is currently cheaper to Finance themselves through customer – instead of corporate bonds,” said Rainer Gerhard von Check24. “That’s why you have the interest on overnight and fixed term for private customers increased significantly.”

investment alternative for risk-averse consumers

At the same time, the Portal pointed out that deposits are protected within the EU up to a height of 100,000 euros per customer and account by law. Thus, the offers in particular for consumers, “which in the present Situation on safety and not on the stock markets want to invest suitable.”

On the stock exchanges it had been in the least because of the massive economic consequences of the virus a pandemic last dramatic price losses and significant fluctuations. In the case of consumer researchers is growing, according to information from the market, the fear of loss of income or job loss.

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