Bus and train to lose the Virus crisis massively in popularity. “The passenger broke in numbers in many cities such as Munich and Berlin in March to 50 percent. According to a recent study by the market research company Puls, the majority of people now rises to the private car,” reported the trade journal “Automobilwoche”, the study’s pre-existed.

Younger, consider again the car-buying

“So, 86 percent of the respondents indicated that they use instead of public transport, increasing the own vehicle. Also in the under 30-Year-olds, which might suggest that you rather choose other vehicle usage models, this score is still at 81 percent,” according to “auto week”. Thus, the crisis reinforced, apparently, the Trend that younger people are turning, in spite of the often propagated for Transport back to the car tend.

Also, the car-sharing is likely to be Corona dangerous. “Only nine percent of the survey participants decide Carhsharing. This explains the slump in demand, the car-sharing providers currently have. Up to 50 percent compared to the previous year, the number of trips is a break-in some companies,” says the magazine. But also classic car hire companies do not qualify for the majority of the respondents as an Alternative to question – only eight percent of the respondents opted for this solution.

Auto-subscriptions: Still Skepis

reigns Alternative usage models such as car-are subscriptions, at least according to the results of this survey, for many no Alternative. However, the willingness to deal with subscription models increases, in the case of younger people rather than older people.