In almost every household room are to be found plants: they not only look beautiful, but do us a proven track record of good, such as a psychologist, John Klein Hesselink of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied scientific research has found. So you are supposed to help, among other things, in the reduction of Stress. Nasa, the U.S. Agency for Aeronautics and flight science, has done research on plants, for their air-purifying properties. Thus, the air from the pollutants, freed, for example, ivy.

The selection of plants is large: Not only in the case of florists, supermarkets, furniture stores or DIY stores, they are available. Particularly easy-care specimens such as, in the case where you don’t need a pronounced green thumb to keep them alive. The following plants are trending this season, and are as uncomplicated roommate:

Climbing ivy

ivy (Hedera helix) is just as a houseplant modern, as well as many other climbing and hanging plants. With a small climbing aid, such as a trellis, it can grow even on cabinets or shelves along, which gives the space lots of Green. In addition, the air-purifying ivy is also suitable for schattigere apartments. Otherwise the Plant is very frugal and should just be regularly watered. You can without big the tendrils again, cut back knowledge if they are to big for the apartment.

In a household with animals or children, you should refrain from this indoor plant, however, because it is a poisonous plant. Therefore, it is recommended to wear at any Touch of the Plant on gloves, possible avoid irritation of the skin. In particular, the berries that form during flowering are harmful and not suitable for consumption.

Chinese money tree

The Chinese money tree (Pilea Peperomioides), also called Ufo, elephant ear, or pancake plant, announced in 2020, absolutely. The special, round leaf shape is due to the Plant’s many names. 30 to 40 inches high, the pot can be plant.

The Chinese money tree does not need much water and care is easy tree that is happy in the Bright. It grows quickly and rapidly forms the foothills, which can be given away as a lucky charm more.

greenhouse window sheet

the Tropics In the last few years has seen the window sheet (Monstera deliciosa) often on clothing or Wallpaper. As a Houseplant it is in demand: The large leaves with the characteristic slits look decorative and produce in the light, interesting shadow images. Up to three feet tall can be a climbing plant, if it is stabilized, for example with rods.

The Plant is easy to maintain. The window sheet may only stand in direct sunlight and the room temperature should always be approximately 20 degrees. In addition to the casting, it is advisable to spray the Plant from time to time with water, so the leaves of the tropical plant stay nice and green and not get brown edges.

Hanging plant

A major topic in the interior, are hanging plants. They take up no space, and greening of the living room. Only when you are casting you have to be careful to not spill water next to it, or to give the Plant to much liquid, otherwise it could lead to waterlogging. The so-called hanging baskets, where you hang the plants, you can also make yourself, in the Internet many Tutorials can be found.

Particularly plant with drooping Shoots are suitable for hanging baskets, such as, for example:

fern (Nephrolepsis exaltata), Sword green lilies (Chlorophytum comosum)string of pearls (Senecio Mr anus)climbing Philodendron (Philodendron scandens)asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus)Hanging bromeliad (Tillandsia usneoides)Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) oasis in the glass

In large, clear glass small indoor plants that don’t need much water, can vessels be planted. In particular succulents, which store a lot of fluid in your tissues, provide for it. Therefore, we may call this Trend “succulents Terrarium”. There is to buy these small, green oases, ready to hang, as well as to Stand up. You can put together the same: just different layers of soil, Sand and gravel layer, succulents planting and Throughout the in addition with stones, moss and shells to decorate. On the Internet many manuals to be found.

succulents, which should be relatively small, to feel into the open glasses with the appropriate earth, and in the right location well and need very little care. Are suitable, among other things, the following types:

Echeverien types of cacti, bromeliads-species of agave plants to the jungle

another Trend that you can see on Instagram, Pinterest and co. find, apartments are full of green plants, the spread of a certain tropical Flair. So if you get the nature in your own four walls, or the garden into the house. Who many house plants to buy but, must also take care of each individual. Even in the case of easy-care specimens of this means due to the large number of pouring pots a certain amount of time. But the effort is worthwhile, if you at home like a small jungle.

how to care for your succulents

makes Quite the opposite of some other plants, where the high temperatures could cause difficulties, the heat of the summer, your succulents a little. However, even with these easy-care plants, it is important to note a few things.

how to plant vegetables and fruit on the balcony

Who doesn’t have a garden, you must not be without fresh vegetables and fruits from our own cultivation. On the balcony, numerous varieties you can cultivate. We show what is.