iHLN, Proximus is launching today as the first provider in Belgium to have its own 5G project. That makes it the company announced today in a press release on the company’s strategy to 2022. The 5G-services need to make sure that people are more able to browse the web. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The Mobilus 5G unlimited plan, which is available for 49,99 euro per month, and offers access to the internet. The range of bedraagtzeker thirty municipalities across the country as a whole. Even though it’s going to be a “light” version of the new technology. After all, there is no spectrum to be auctioned, and there have been no new radiation standards network also does not have the new antennas installed.

With the existing infrastructure, the company said 5G with speeds of up to 30 per cent higher than 4.5 G have to offer. “Not at all, it will continue to evolve and improve. It does not replace the need for a spectrumuitrol”, it could be that.The offer is also available for private parties, however, Proximus will inform of specific offerings.

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what is Striking is the fact that Brussels is missing from the list of 30 municipalities that 5G will be rolled out. “There it is, it is not possible to use the radiation standards,” says Proximus spokesperson Work, composed the score. Brussels has been to lower standards than the other two regions. Ghent is missing in the world, it is only a part of the harbour is covered by insurance. Among other parts, of Courtrai, Bruges, Mechelen, Brussels, Ostend, and Knokke-Heist, belgium, in Leuven and in Hasselt you have to have insurance.