The Heating cost for this Winter will be, for many households in Germany is lower than in the previous year, or at least not rise. Because of the again mild weather conditions, the energy expenses for heating of a percent, informed the Internet-portals Verivox and Check24 relying on the degree-day figures of the German weather service.

contributed to last Winter, the weather in Germany was down, on average, quite warm, and had a Cost savings of most households. This year, the heizintensiven months of January and February were particularly mild.

heating oil cost in March, only around 55 euros per hectolitre

The beneficiaries, especially renters and homeowners who heat with Oil. In doing so, you not only benefit from the milder weather, but also from lower raw material prices, such as Verivox emphasized: Since the beginning of the year, the Oil prices are on the decline, and the Corona-crisis has accelerated this development, part of which is under the hectic fluctuations.

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Verivox, according to the light fuel oil cost in the heating season 2018/2019 in the Mediterranean € 72.19 per hectolitre, while in this season, an average of 64,46 EUR (minus 10.7 percent). In March 54,82 Euro per hectolitre for light fuel oil are even due.

100 Euro Savings in comparison to the last Winter

The result: on average, the months and the regions of heating oil can be customers for the period from September to March, with Heating costs expected, the eleven percent (Check24) to 14 percent (Verivox) under the previous heating season. The two Internet-Comparison websites use slightly different bases for their calculations, and are therefore slightly different results. With power save 1390 Euro to save Our PDF guide shows you how you can identify the power guzzlers in the household and a total of 1390 euros can save.To the PDF guide

the Basis of a series or a single house but with three to four persons: The need to pay for the heating season 965 Euro (Verivox) to 977 EUR (Check24), if you heat with Oil. This corresponds to a Saving of about 100 euros.

Who heats with Gas, pays more now than for Oil

For the customers in Germany, the price slump has arrived at the crude oil markets, only in part because the demand for oil has increased enormously, and the terms of delivery of the fuel oil traders in some regions up to the June rich. In addition, oil in the South of Germany is currently significantly more expensive than the North, due to regional market conditions. GAS price COMPARISON (display)

Simple cost savings

Here it goes to the cheapest gas supplier

For the gas customers, the balance is not so good. You pay about as much as in the previous year, because gas prices have hardly changed. The cost for the previous heating season amounts to 905 euros (Verivox) to 966 Euro (Check24) and are on average still lower than those of oil heating. To would be the current prices, the fuel cost for the heating oil lower.

whether for Oil or Gas: refuel Now, since 2021 it will be more expensive

Currently, it looks as if the households would have to expect in the coming weeks, with rising prices, especially as the world economy has slowed as a result of the Coronavirus from the Occurs. “Gas prices could fall further as suppliers respond usually delayed to the fall in wholesale prices,” said Lasse Schmid, managing Director of energy at Check24.

The Oil and it looks similar. “For homeowners, the sharp fall in Oil prices provides a Golden opportunity after the Winter inexpensive to replenish the Tank,” said Valerian bird, energy expert at Verivox. In the coming year should, however, be expected due to the imminent CO2 tax with rising prices.

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