In the US victims of coronavirus were more than 5 thousand people

the Number of victims among the citizens of the United States from continuing in this country pandemic coronavirus has exceeded 5 thousand people. According to statistics from the American University Johns Hopkins, which tracks the spread of a global pandemic COVID-2019, the number infected with the disease of U.S. citizens, according to a Thursday morning, reached 216515 people.

Photo: Reuters/ Rob Schumacher In the United States because of the coronavirus shut down the Park the Grand Canyon

Recall, speaking on the eve of the White house, U.S. President Donald trump called on citizens preparing for the worst. “I want every American was ready for the hard times”, – said the leader of the United States. According to him, America “will have to go through a very difficult two weeks.”

the Scientists responsible for developing the strategy of the US government to combat the epidemic of the coronavirus, previously announced a gloomy forecast for the number of casualties among American citizens from disease COVID-2019: deadly virus could kill from 100 to 240 thousand Americans.