the Neighbours are demanding that nearby land again passed cadastral registration. Do I need to do it and at whose expense? “In this situation, most likely has registry error committed by the person who carried out cadastral works”, – explained the “RG” in the Union of gardeners of Russia.

There are several ways to solve this problem. First. Rosreestr corrects the error list during a comprehensive cadastral works. If the territory of a horticultural society are many sites with such errors, the best way is to conduct a comprehensive cadastral works.

Second. Rosreestr fixes registry error on the basis of the statement of holders of land, but only in the case of the provision of documents which clearly indicate the presence of such errors. For this you need to contact the person who made a mistake, or have a court decision entered into legal force.

Third. The owners of adjacent plots come to a consensus regarding land boundaries, together constitute the act of approval and cadastral engineer makes the appropriate changes to the egrn (Uniform state register of real estate).

Fourth. Registry error corrected in court, if adjacent land users are unable to negotiate peacefully or have reason to believe that the fix registry error to violate the rights of owners or third parties. appeal to the court is the most expensive way of solving such problems requires a mandatory examination. Without the involvement of lawyers is also difficult to handle.

“Knowing about such large-scale problems of citizens, according to the results of the parliamentary online a hearing on the results of the first year of application of the law “On gardening and horticulture,” the Union of gardeners of Russia organizes events for the collection and processing of applications from non-profit gardening associations the Moscow region to conduct a comprehensive cadastral works. I really hope that in this way citizens will be spared the additional financial loads to the correction of errors not their fault”, – told “RG” the Deputy of the state Duma, Chairman of the Union of gardeners of Russia Oleg Valenchuk.