Moscow. April 30. INTERFAX.RU — the government and the CBR need to adjust the system of granting vacation credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and lending to salary as under the existing support mechanisms available to only a few, to the letter of the Chairman of the Committee for the control and regulation of the state Duma Natalia Kostenko (“United Russia”) to the government.

As explained by the “Interfax”, the Deputy, the letter was based on the complaints of a number of entrepreneurs and their suggestions for improvement adopted by the government anti-crisis measures. The complaints relate to the enforcement mechanism of granting of credit vacation of the issuance of preferential credits for payroll and audits by regulatory bodies that — in spite of the quarantine, and in some cases continue.

the letter reminds that vacation credit entrepreneurs can benefit only if the following conditions are met: the loan is granted in the amount up to 300 thousand roubles; revenue from business activities must fall by more than 30% compared to revenues in 2019; the activities of the entrepreneur needs to be added to the affected sectors, which are specified in the relevant government resolution.

“According to the applicants, use vacation credit according to the conditions can only a few Russian businessmen. This is due to the fact that most of the entrepreneurs were issued loans for the development of its business in the amount of average up to 1 million rubles,” — said in the letter.

the document gives the example of the program of crediting of the Russian business banks, where the maximum amount of credit for individual entrepreneurs is much above 300 thousand roubles: Sberbank gives out loans to individuals up to 1 million rubles, VTB (overdraft) of up to 150 million rubles Tinkoff Bank to 10 million rubles.

businesses are paying attention to the fact that credit vacation they can not use also, if the residual amount owed on the loan makes up to 300 thousand rubles, because the holidays are not tied to the residual amount owed on the loan.

“It would be better to exclude the binding of vacation credit to a maximum amount of the earlier loan,” the letter reads.

“In this situation, banks themselves determine the list of documents for registration of credit vacation, which may not always provide entrepreneurs. So, for example, IP, operating the tax system UTII (a single tax on imputed income — if), can now use vacation credit because of his income he will be able to confirm only in the following year to the tax authority the Declaration on their income,” saysXia in the letter to the government.

Loans salary

a Similar problem arose in obtaining soft loans for staff salaries at 0% per annum — the list of documents banks determine independently, and in different banks it is different.

“Banks are requesting a fairly extensive list of documents for obtaining the soft credit, which is now subject to the closing of many government agencies, the entrepreneurs are simply unable to provide. So, for example, when considering an application for credit on the salary at 0% one of the banks asked the entrepreneur the working capital balance statement of movement of funds on accounts of the organization, starting in 2018 at the moment. According to the applicants, this approach may lead to abuses in the banking sector, the prolongation of the procedure of issuing the loans and perhaps unjustified denials of loans,” — said in the letter.

Also calls entrepreneurs complain not regulated by the law term of consideration of demands, as reasons for the delay banks refer to the unsigned offset agreement with the Bank.

a Separate story in the letter is requested to review the feasibility and desirability of the tax authorities to SME requirements for provision of documents (information), as well as the challenge of entrepreneurs to the tax authority to give explanations about current business activities, despite the quarantine.

“According to the applicants, most often, given the temporary suspension of their activities, they have currently no opportunity to provide the requested tax authority of documents (information). While the use of tax authorities in several regions where restrictions of movement becomes difficult. Not to mention the increased risk of infection with coronavirus,” reads the letter, which mentioned the examples of requirements about personal appearance by the tax authorities.

Adjustment legislation

In a letter to the government is proposed to be codified in the law on credit holidays, and in the software of payroll loans closed list of documents which must be provided by the entrepreneur to receive financial support. It is also proposed to consolidate the timing of the consideration by banks of the credit application with the subsequent issuance of a salary loan and to prescribe regulations and governing documents explicitly prohibit the denial of issuance of salary loans, if the employer was not previously a customer of the Bank.

it is Proposed to distribute vacation credit on the lease agreement. It is reminded that on March 27, the Central Bank at the meeting of the government Commission on competition and development of SMEs expressed this idea, but this proposal is not��implemented.

the letter indicated the need for amendments to legislation that will provide for the liability of banks for unreasonable refusal to provide credit vacation. It is proposed to expand the criteria for classifying industries by category and include companies that documented was able to confirm the losses due to the pandemic, and still retain 90% of their workforce on the 1st of April.