In the Sklifosovsky research Institute has linked the increase number of cases COVID-19 in Russia with the successes of diagnostics

Sergey Petrikov building of scientific research Institute of Emergency care named sklifosofskiy for patients with suspected coronavirus infection Sergey Petrikov
research Institute SP them. N. V. Sklifosovsky Case Institute of Emergency care named sklifosofskiy for patients with suspected coronavirus infection
Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

the Rapid growth in the number of cases Сovid-19 Russians linked to the merits of physicians in identifying this disease. This was stated by the chief doctor of the hospital Sklifosovsky Institute Sergey Petrikov in the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“the Detection has become more”, – he told, answering a question about what has caused the increase in the number of cases in Russia during these days.

However, he added Petrikov, it is too early to talk about in what scenario the situation will develop with the coronavirus in Russia.

whatever rates of morbidity, high or low, Russian officials and functionaries of health put it credit. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “explosive” spread of the coronavirus in Russia was not followed only by the vigilance of its leadership and effectiveness of public administration. “Our actions must be reasonable and professional. This approach allowed us to gain time, to restrain the explosive growth of coronavirusOh infection in the previous weeks,” – said the President of the Russian Federation, its Plenipotentiary representatives and governors at the meeting.

as of March 31, the number of registered cases of coronavirus in Russia exceeded 2 thousand, an increase of 500 per day. The country was 2337 cases of coronavirus infection in 73 regions, reports “Interfax”. Died, according to official figures, 17 people.

According to Sergei Petrikov, in-hospital Department of Sklifa there are 55 patients, 53 of which tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-2019. On the ventilator to four people. The chief added that the capital has done much, not to repeat the same situation as in Italy. “If the number of patients will increase, it will be deployed in many hospital areas, including intensive care and derealisation office, with any flow, the city will cope,” he said.

Also glavrach Institute of Emergency care asked the citizens to stay at home to avoid becoming a carrier of a new type of virus that is very dangerous. “We need to sit at home, not to die,” summed up Petrikov.

About pandemic preparedness and warn doctors of the hospital in Kommunarka, the physician who is already infected with coronavirus and isolated themselves in his office. About absolute readiness of doctors to the worst also according to RTR. “Doctors don’t expect patients, but are ready for a pandemic. Trained intensive care beds, medical ventilators enough, and they are all in working condition. And each of the doctors calls only to one: “Please Muscovites, sitting at home! This will facilitate the work of doctors,” – said in the report.

But “the problem is that with the head doctor of the hospital contacted all the medical staff”, which, in turn, on Tuesday contacted the crew. Now the TV people decide to isolate themselves or not.

Russia still has a chance to avoid itkatastrofy

the representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović expressed the hope that measures taken by the Russian authorities, will help to control the spread of coronavirus infection and to prevent a repetition of the European scenario of the epidemic. Her words leads to “Interfax”.

“I think now is a large-scale action being taken by the Russian Federation, unable to help it, we’re not going to go that route (which went to Western Europe. – Approx. “Interfax”) here, so high and fast will move the number of new cases, and that it will slow down,” said Vujnović.

According to her, epidemiological forecasts are difficult, but overall the spread of the virus will depend on the actions of each person and the isolation contacts. the Outlook on peak COVID-19 in Russia, according to Vujnović, can be given at the end of the growth in the number of new infections in the next two weeks.

“We want in the next two weeks to look, how to move new cases, because a very large number of people are now under surveillance, and even very well (acts. – Approx. “Interfax”) physical distance, remoteness from the people. So maybe we can stop the transmission, and then we will see. Epidemiology is almost mathematics. See how many cases and can predict how it will move forward,” said Vujnović.

Earlier in March, Vujnović called the measures taken by Russia in the fight against the pandemic, “very correct.” She added that Russia “is a step ahead” in terms of countering the spread of new infection.