last year, 31 companies of the region thanks to the national project trained 2154 employee (with a planned 760 people). This year’s target – at least 310 people. On the seventh of July this year signed contracts with 21 enterprise education 521 human, began training 250 people, concluded – 134.

Among the businesses participating firm “Nectar”. In the past year, the company in connection with the launch of new high-tech packing line 49 has trained its employees in areas such as “Technology of production of juice products”, “Checking packages for staff of the quality Department and the basis for aseptic production of juice enterprises”, “Advanced operator course”.

Among the unlearned operator bottling line Evgeny Dolinin and laboratory assistant in the quality Department Anna Bochkareva. As told by Evgeny Dolinin, training in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge to operate the new equipment was reflected in his professional growth and wages. The effectiveness of training was confirmed by Anna Bochkareva:

– New knowledge help you feel confident in their actions that directly affect the quality of the products and, as a consequence, the image of our company. Upon completion of training and internal certification also confirmed the third, the maximum skill level.

this year, the firm Nektar continues training of staff in the national project. Learning is also planned to attract teachers of the Samara state technical University and specialists of the company Tetra Pak.

in Addition to opportunities at the expense of state support to increase the qualification level of employees, businesses also have an economic benefit, because the compensation costs of employers in the organization of retraining and improvement of qualification of employees.

Alexander Dorofeev, Deputy head of the employment Department of the Ministry of labour of the Samara region:

– as a priority, training is conducted among workers employed in the real sector of the economy. It is important that refresher training gives employees the opportunity to grow professionally and, thus, to increase the level of their income.