Orphanage Natasha from Nieuwmoer verschoot is Wednesday morning in an accident when she was in the morning, came back home after the ochtendopvang at the school. When she was in the barn, went to see her, dwerggeitjes face it, there were a total of five small dwerggeitjes down and make a sound. Mom Leylah had the quintuplets in the morning all by myself in the world. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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Leylah is a dwerggeitje of a seven-year-old. They had already been brought to the attention of the world, but this time, there were only a total of five, and that’s pretty rare. “I know that, Leylah, one day, been together ever since,” says Natasha. “But when I came Wednesday morning, at about 6 hours left, there was nothing to worry about. I’m at about 9 hours to get back home, and went straight to the barn to watch. I have heard it all from a distance, soon babygeluidjes, “and the other” moederke was already in serious to her ears, to make it happen. She said that there was something going on, and I’m sure I was supposed to see it. I was prepared for an emergency in case I have the help of the vet and would have to do it, but that is klaargelegde the stuff I had, apparently, no longer needed. Our Leylah was a very labor-only job.” The father of the children, Loecka heard of, to the point that it all went well, it was.