the Tax burden reduced for folk arts and crafts, including NGOs, trade through vending machines and the media. Moreover, support will be provided as the print edition, and network, as well as working in the field of television, radio and news agencies.

the nonprofit has expanded the list of business activities under the “simplified taxation” that do not belong to the affected industries. On preferential treatment and financial support can also count preschool and basic General education, an organization that provides social services without accommodation for the elderly and disabled and a number of other areas.

the Governor Denis Pasler demanded particularly to monitor the implementation of measures to support small and medium enterprises in Reine and track the activity of municipalities in the use of the provided possibilities for a business. By analogy with an interactive map of the spread of coronavirus in the Orenburg region develop a map of business support. It is possible to see all relevant information in real time.

In mid-June the right to the grant benefited more than 88 percent of the Orenburg entrepreneurs, related to the affected industries. For April paid about 514 million rubles. For may has already received more than 11.7 thousand complaints, of which 7934 approved. In municipalities working individually with businesses, sent daily reports to the relevant Ministry.

– the Number of territories has made a breakthrough in recent weeks, but working with a business it is necessary more actively. Among the areas where the support measures for entrepreneurs are smaller than the other large municipalities of Orenburg and Orsk. We need to achieve a coverage of 80-90 per cent, talking to people, help them, – said the Governor Denis Pasler.

free credits on wages in the Orenburg region provides 14 banks. In mid-June, the business received about a thousand applications, positive decisions were taken for the sum more than 1,1 billion rubles. Received an application from the entrepreneurs on the restructuring of existing loans. 1027 approved for a total amount of 9.9 billion rubles. The lending program under two percent used the 395 subjects of small and average business. The program involves seven banks.

Also defined the order of exemption from insurance contributions business entities affected by the pandemic coronavirus. This measure support can count of the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (employers): subjects of small and medium enterprises and non-profit organizations carrying out activities in the most affected industries, socially oriented non-profit and religious organizations.

they set a zero rate of insurance contributions to the state extra-budgetary funds for the second quarter of 2020.

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