– Now equipped children’s Playground with a soft surface – removed old theme, a location, purchased equipment. There will be several types of swing, sandpit, ropes course attraction, – said the head of the city Anatoly Lokot at the retreat meeting.

Work is being done on the budget and private funds. And a children’s Playground is just one of the objects of the Park, designed to change the appearance and content of “Central”.

– Some time ago there was a continuous corridor of stalls, now redundant outlets removed. Those entrepreneurs who remain in the Park will be required to make retail facilities in a single color in accordance with the sketches, – said Anatoly Elbow.

According to the press center of the municipality, previously outside the Park removed the old rides and other non-stationary objects. Remaining concentrated in the upper area of the Park adjacent to the street Frunze. Now considering the options for upgrading the site for the children’s railway, as well as the upper area of the Park.

According to the chief of Department of maintenance of the landscaping mku “the Agency of methodological support of institutions of culture, sport and youth policy” Svetlana Giżycka, in the next few years will be green spaces. In the Park grows about three thousand trees, two hundred of them – old, emergency and risk. They will be removed this year. In addition, 15 trees need pruning and cutting.

– We try jeweler to remove individual trees that pose a danger. They need to be thin, young and healthy plants to receive maximum light and nutrients, has formed a stable form. Then we will see continuous growth and development of vegetation, noted Gijinka.

the Next phase of construction will be the reconstruction of the entrance area from crossing of streets Kamensk and Frunze. The entrance alley is planned to expand and make a straight to the Park entrance had a view of the fountain, which was opened in September last year.