The city Court of Podolsk sentenced the former major of justice of the Moscow Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Svetlana Selyutina, who developed a scheme for stealing cars from the dead with three accomplices. This is reported by Kommersant.

It is reported that at the post of the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Podolsk, Selyutina found cars of recently deceased people who were taken away by a tow truck for sale in the traffic police database. The criminal scheme was revealed on July 17, 2019, when an investigator and his accomplices tried to take away a Nissan Murano for resale, but were stopped by state traffic police officers. It turned out that the deceased owner of a foreign car sold it before his death, the new owner had not yet had time to re-register for himself, and when he found the loss, he announced the theft.

After the arrest, Selyutina wrote a report on dismissal, but did not admit her guilt.

According to the publication, the court found the former major of justice guilty, sentencing her to five years in a penal colony, but granting a reprieve until her child reaches the age of 14. Three accomplices of Selyutina, who received suspended sentences, also remained at large.

Earlier, in the Omsk region, FSB officers blocked the channel for smuggling parts for military and transport aircraft abroad. According to the FSB, the former head of the storage department of the military unit, a reserve major, and his employee were engaged in stealing components, which were then sold on the Internet. The buyers were from Moscow and Ukraine. The major was detained by the special services red-handed.