…I then dripped on the map 20 thousand rubles. Without a cover note. I don’t understand how. But I thought that, apparently, some media estimated unpaid time articles and wholesale paid. It happens.

Well, I, of course, sent his wife to the supermarket to stock up as follows products, etc. have not bought a home for the minor: all chemistry, washing, toilet paper, in the end. The money-no, csshover. In General, two days later, the account is almost empty.

Bang! — the morning call the accountant from my office. Proclaims that was wrong — say, give, please, a nice person.

Returned, of course, where to go. Had pertinate. But not the essence.

At once left the now surprised from a long standing the Argenti-jalopy. In the tooth — by appointment. We have in zamkade no permits had not been invented. (Talking about Shadrinskoe Vyatka.) The more electronic. In honor push-button phones-Nokia, especially in the elderly.

the call about the discomfort and breathing difficulties an ambulance can wait a month. Can not wait. I don’t know what it’s called. But one of my older relative because no one came, until recovered. And did not feel more or less tolerable. (Town Belaya Kholunitsa, Vyatka province.)

Well, I went, then, quietly…

I should Add that we romp on the car entirely at your own risk. The police waving stick selectively. Selectively fines. Il takes a “guilty” COP car in the Parking lot. Pure lottery, in the end.

the worse the country, the word “law” becomes invulnerable. The law is not enforced, unscrupulous, insolently. Or — fragments: corruption at the top will not given.

it is actually “a Royal Decree” about quarantine there. And it was not. And that poor foolish subjects to do — is unclear.

I will Say a couple of sentences about his “seat of Azov,” in isolation. Little distinguishable from the quarantine upheavals millions of other ordinary citizens.

My family was tested for COVID quite a while already. Just rushed then zagranku. Miraculously slipping emerging sanitary obstacles — it was just beginning.

Worked in intelligence and quickly — a couple of cowed-testing. The test was negative. It is possible to live!

of course, then fair drove to audit us in contact with friends, acquaintances.

Who stretched out (from laziness) time he got. Because, the further progress in the Motherland, the epidemic, the harder it is to produce a test.

Died two men-comrades. One from a heart ailment. Other from the ulcer. Guilty in the coronavirus — unknown.

he Divorced his wife and first mate — couldn’t stand the neighborhood the apartment-new building. Came to blows. Before calling the police. Disorder — no refund. Sorry, of course: they have a small child.

Such is the quarantine statistics locallyth scale…

Like all around (almost all) responsible are sitting at home. Occasionally leaving for supplies. Already slim grandmother melted a long time ago. Acquired the salary. Which, thank God, received remotely prior to the pandemic. What I see byave?..

crisscross boarded up the office of small business moved, like in the glorious Soviet Union , in the shadows.

the Barbers cut at home. Getting kicked out of the rut entrepreneurs sew, sell, throw Chinese goods to “Avito”. Score online auctions Antiques, domestic squabbles, book subscriptions, Yes, anything, whatever. I would live to be. Quiet people bathed in the baths in the spy-secret mode, in small portions. And so everywhere and in everything.

Pros-hackers — moved to enhanced regulation of online scams. Casino, countless lottery, station wiring dashing 90 on the blue computer screens.

On the streets — the emptiness with the dazzling everywhere sad ad type “Diner’s closed, we moved”, “Barber shop closed forever!”, “The beauty salon is closed. To work no more.” And so on and so forth.

Call the familiar girl-the hairdresser. Say, say, soon, like you want to allow to open beauty salons. Are you going to cut? “No way! — is responsible. We rent owed a lot of money: the owner do not care crisis. Never have to pay. All — sniffling — at the end of “Natasha” (the name of the salon, — ed.)”.

— And the money did not try to get that on TV promised to small businesses? — I ask.

— what are You, stupid? Milk has drunk herself to death? Who will give me… These cuts have enough pure to rent for the table to beat. And 15-20 thousand remained in the pocket. And if weekends clubbing. And to have “these” to some mythical assistance, need to be formalized legal entity. And present a bunch of papers, officially proving damages. Show me a hairdresser, legal entity, huh?

“no,” I’m sad.

(in theory, gospodaru should ask the owner of the salon. (And does he even legally? that’s the question.) And humanly throw their employees money. And he is still begging them for rent. It is still money, come on! And after all, the Russian small “business” in quotation marks — almost all of this. Grey-black. Hopeless-worthless).

Was IE — individual entrepreneur pays relatively little to the state: social programs, about 40 thousand a year. But given the obligations under the lease, and taxes (patent, unified tax on imputed income, simplified taxation, etc.), maintenance of equipment, maintenance of Bank accounts — incoming amounts are not comparable with the earnings of the Barber-singles: these amounts are simply unaffordable.

therefore, similar to single life korachais for themselves and their children, and until the crisis is barely getting by all, nobody ever in what viral Apocalypse will not help. And do not dream.

by the Way — since you started talking about your favorite Vyatka… the other day, completely shut down one of the best institutions of the city (Kirov) — elegant two-story nightclub, a luxury restaurant (with appropriate prices), the dance floor is “Factory”. They held as best they could, to the last, but… Alas.

“the Factory won’t open never… Maybe someday… In another form and location. Undoubtedly with top quality, our team again will stir up something “wow!” …Almost 5 years we have done our work at the highest level. We love you, dear Guests to the moon and back” — written by guys in their group Vkontakte. Saying goodbye to the audience, visitors. With chefs, bartenders, waiters.

the Reason? Trivial.

No airbags. There is absolutely no information about the period of quarantine. No investment — who will provide the investment “in anything” and “anywhere”? Because the new start — no one knows when.

Well, I scored one of the oldest restaurateurs. “How are you?” — ask. “Closed”, — said comrade. “And the workers?” “To be honest, they applied for indefinite leave. But… We quickly moved to an online delivery. So all the people, thank God, here upon business.” There is hard standing on my feet the company. Small things — cafe-bakery-diner — collapses as the may day balls. Fact.

In principle, sensing the imbalance of economic components, the power in response to the tightening fiscal burden on (mostly small) business. Identifying multiples of proliferating (like pernicious microbes) naughty — day-by-day increasing prosecutorial assaults.

it Turns a kind of atypical-reversible form of resistance. People trying simply to survive, to endure. Forced, like partisan turning set restraining bounds.

Government — seeks out and mercilessly crushes them like bugs. Coming up with new penalties. And large corporations that unaffordable.

Return to the origin text.

Out, therefore, at once to the city on an old Nissan. And since I got out, then set a few stops for family reasons.

Think about what I did in order to insure against roadside checks.

Stuck big Kremlin a pass on the windshield… the portrait of Stalin. As did our grandfathers fathers in the thaw of the 60s, the stagnant ‘ 70s: not a symbol of the Gulag, not at all. And the symbol that the crooks, thieves, sooner or later, must be punished.

And — ride. Not braked. Although the traffic police-shnik on the road on duty quite a lot.

One of them even gave the honor of the Generalissimo. Strictly looking at the stunned COP from under the glass. The threatening finger, “I thee…”