In the Kremlin told about the value of the transaction OPEC+

“It’s confirmation that the oil-producing countries that are members of OPEC+, and a number of other countries can reach consensus and understanding in the name of stabilization of energy markets”, -said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Photo: AP Photo/Eric Gay New deal OPEC+ will keep oil prices from falling further

the Deal helped to avoid slipping on the oil markets to a state of chaos, says a Kremlin spokesman. “And now helps to maintain more or less stable price dynamics,” he said. Peskov also said the absolute coincidence of interests of Russia and the United States to bring actions to stabilize oil markets. And this dictates the need for more frequent communication between leaders of the two powers.

Press Secretary of the Russian leader said that if necessary, a new telephone conversation between the leaders of Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia can be arranged promptly.