In the capital declared competition on a post of the Chairman of Moscow city court

the Supreme qualification Collegium of judges of the Russian Federation announced the job opening for the position of Chairman of the Moscow city court, according to the website of the Vienna Convention. The candidates for the post can apply till may 15.

As explained by RIA “Novosti” press Secretary of the Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova, this procedure is standard and takes place six months before the expiry of the term of office of the current Chairman. Would the Chairman of Moscow city court Olga Yegorova to apply for a new term, she said. “The court is now operating normally,” – said Solopov.

According to the law on status of judges the Chairman of Moscow city court is appointed by presidential decree for a period of 6 years by the Chairman of the Supreme court and in the presence of a positive conclusion of the Vienna Convention. Meanwhile, in late March the Supreme court refused to consider the complaint of the Chairman of Moscow city court Olga Yegorova in private definition of the Second court of cassation, according to which Yegorov is not taking sufficient measures to prevent the uncontrolled extension of detention in custody.

In the resolution of the sun States that the district courts and the court when making its decisions are not guided by the decisions of the Plenum of the armed forces and positions of the ECHR. The Supreme court attributed this to the fact that judges, including Yegorov, not improve their skills.

At the same time in the record Egorova includes such emblematic cases as the “case of Yukos” and “the Magnitsky case”. In 2014, the United States included in the sanctions Egorov “Magnitsky list”, as involved in the detention and death in prison of a member of the British Fund Hermitage Capital. That’s when the judge Egorova coined the term “Basmanny justice” symbolizing the handling of the Moscow courts.

Recently Yegorov declared that the Russian courts are too many acquittals, and that’s because the prosecution looks bad evidence of guilt. According to statements of former colleagues Yegorova, she spreadcountries have their position, “innocent in the courts does not happen” all the court, and now in the Moscow court system prevails accusatory. Human rights activist Lev Ponomaryov called the Moscow courts the most managed in Russia, “especially if in business there is a political component”.