The parcel carrier comes rushing along, quickly drops off the delivery and then disappears again – we all know this. In a small American town, however, the postman ignored a burning house.

According to reports from “Dayton247,” an Amazon delivery worker has come under fire. During his delivery in Medfield, Massachusetts, he entered a smoking house, dropped off a package and then left – without calling emergency services. A fire discovered later caused significant damage to the house.

The delivery man was filmed placing a package in a garage that was already emitting clouds of smoke. Around 20 minutes after the first smoke signals, as can be seen on the surveillance video, the Amazon delivery man entered the garage. He walked through the smoke, placed a package, closed the garage door and left the scene.

Instead of calling the emergency services, the driver continued his journey. Three hours later, a passerby noticed the fire and called the emergency services. According to WCVB, the fire spread so quickly that firefighters from ten neighboring towns were called in to fight the fire.

The McArdle family returned from a trip after being notified in advance. “We came home and found a house full of smoke, water and foam,” homeowner Peter McArdle told WCVB. He believes the fire was caused by materials that were improperly disposed of by construction workers on the house.

Peter McArdle told Dayton247 that he tried to contact Amazon but was unsuccessful: “It’s a little disturbing to know that this could have been prevented. If you see a fire, maybe you call 911 or the fire department before you go to your next delivery.”

Amazon has since issued a written statement assuring that the customer will be contacted and the incident will be investigated. Drivers are encouraged to report suspicious activity, reports “” among others.

The delivery giant Amazon has been criticized for years because the working conditions are said to be very tough. For example, drivers are not allowed to take lunch breaks and have strict time limits that are said to be difficult to achieve.

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